3 Ways To Create Some Non Pressuring Urgency When Selling Home Services

by Corey Philip
April 10, 2018

Sometimes a customer might be on the fence.  Even after softening up after the initial price presentation, there still might be some hesitation.  Maybe they think they can find a better deal.  Maybe they still feel like they’re being sold.  Sometimes you need to motive prospects to close a deal.

  1. Let them know that right now it is guaranteed to be completed by _____ (fill in date).

    Many contractors don’t like offering a guaranteed completion date, but it is a very effective selling tool.  Putting an end in sight to the frustration of shopping, lack of pleasure and/or suffer of pain point can sway many leads into buyers.

  2. Notify them of price increases in a week or two.

    Phrasing a “today only” price generally isn’t received well.  Letting them know that price increases shortly works well, BUT you have to put a justification behind it.  “Material price increases” or “increase in seasonal demand” are two great ways to justify it ‘go to’.

  3. Offer A Scheduling Discount

    This is sort of a hybrid of the last 2 and only works in a situation when you have idle labor and need to fill the calendar.  It’s my go to line in our slow season.  If the customer will go for it now, and will allow us to complete the work between specific dates, I’ll offer a discount for filling that space and explain it as such.

About the author

Corey Philip

Corey Philip is a small business owner / investor with a focus on home service businesses.

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