11 Great Examples of the Benefits of Podcasting for SAAS Businesses

by Corey Philip //  December 19, 2022

As a SAAS (Software-as-a-Service) business owner, you are likely always seeking growth opportunities. According to Buzzsprout, the number of podcast listeners grew by 29.5% between 2019 and 2022. In the United States, 120 million people now listen to podcasts, and this number is expected to rise to 160 million by 2023. These statistics offer various opportunities and benefits for SAAS businesses.

Podcasting can benefit SAAS businesses by helping them promote their services to a more specific target market, leading to increased website traffic and higher conversion rates. Other benefits include building brand awareness and trust, as well as getting feedback from clients, to name only a few.

There are many more ways podcasting can benefit SAAS businesses, and we will explore these in the next section. Helpful information and tips on how to start a successful podcast are available on Forbes and Business News Daily’s websites.

How Podcasting Benefits SAAS Businesses

To be successful, SAAS business owners must continuously grow and improve their businesses. Podcasts are an excellent way to do this. Entrepreneurs in various industries have reported many benefits of having podcasts, and businesses in the SAAS industry can also benefit from it in the following ways:

1. An Excellent Way to Market Your SAAS Business

Podcasts can potentially be more effective than ads on platforms such as YouTube, for instance, since pop-up ads in the middle of an engaging video often irritate people. It can also result in potential customers not liking the company, making them unwilling to consider purchasing its goods or services.

Podcasts offer a more subtle way for SAAS businesses to promote their services since each episode’s primary focus is on informing the audience about a specific topic, dedicating only a small portion to the services offered. According to Forbes, podcasting allows you to inform potential customers about your services without making them feel like you are trying to get them to become clients.

2. Increases Your SAAS Business’ Website Traffic

Podcasts are a great way to generate traffic to your website, especially if you are still building your SEO rankings. In an article written by Brandon Turner, Vice President of Growth at BiggerPockets.com, he explains that about 70% of new clients to their site indicate that they heard about them via their podcast. A successful podcast can similarly benefit SAAS businesses.

3. Improves Your SAAS Business’ Website Ranking

According to an article on the Entrepreneurship website, interviewing founders from companies with rank one websites will help improve your business website’s SEO rankings. Your rankings are enhanced because the guest and company name appear in your podcast's description section on your website.

4. Helps Build Trust in Your SAAS Business

Since the SAAS field is quite complex and requires specialized expertise, podcasting is a great way to demonstrate to potential clients that you have the necessary experience and knowledge to help them. Having knowledgeable guests will also show potential customers that you are continuously learning and improving your skills, building even more trust.

If you can convince potential customers that you are knowledgeable, experienced, and continuously learning, they are more likely to trust you and use your services. Being willing to learn from other knowledgeable people will also help you improve your service offerings.

5. Helps Build Your SAAS Business Brand

Podcasts can be a good way for potential customers to get to know you and your business. It allows you to communicate your business’ values and mission statement. It is also an excellent way for customers to get to know you on a more personal level since some of your podcasts could be dedicated to issues that are important to you.

Allowing potential customers to get to know you more personally is an excellent way to build relationships and your business brand, which will go a long way toward attracting and retaining clients.

6. Helps You Reach SAAS Target Market Specifically

Since the topics of your podcasts will primarily be related to the SAAS services you offer, it will attract listeners considering this kind of service. Other forms of marketing, such as advertising on television, will attract fewer new clients since only some who see the ad are interested in procuring SAAS services.

A survey conducted in 2018 by Bredin, a small business research firm, indicates that approximately 72% of companies with 250 to 500 employees listen to podcasts. The survey also found that 65% of podcast listeners listen to at least one podcast a week. Therefore, podcasts can really be a potent marketing tool to reach your ideal target market.

7. Improves Client Conversion Rates for SAAS Businesses

If your SAAS business offers a free basic service as well as a professional paid service, podcasts can help convert non-paying clients to paying clients. The Biggerpockets.com Vice President of Growth, Brandon Turner, indicated in 2015 that 95% of clients who converted to their paid service listen to their podcasts.

8. You Will Face Fewer Competitors in the Podcasting Field

According to an article in Entrepreneur India, there were about 80 million Facebook business pages and only 70 000 business podcasts in 2020. While the number of business podcasts is likely to rise rapidly within the next few years, there are currently fewer competitors in the podcasting field. Since there are fewer competitors, your SAAS business has a greater chance of standing out and attracting new clients, especially if your podcast episodes are highly engaging.

9. Helps You Get Feedback to Improve SAAS Service

In an article written by Yakup Özkardes-Cheung, founder and CEO of a content managing company that employs AI tools, he states that podcasts offer an excellent opportunity for you to conduct market research since they are interactive.

Your SAAS business can ask for feedback or suggestions to determine what clients want. The feedback allows you to gain valuable insight into clients’ ever-changing needs and provide helpful guidance for continuously bettering your service offerings.

10. Helps You Build SAAS Business Relationships

According to an article by Aiden Sowa, founder of Sowa Marketing Agency, podcasting is an excellent way to network. Additionally, interviewing guests from other SAAS businesses can benefit both you and your guest. It allows you to learn from each other since there are constantly new technological advances, and the SAAS field is continuously changing. It could also lead to collaboration.

11. Generates Extra Revenue for Your SAAS Businesses

Besides helping SAAS businesses generate website traffic and gain more clients, podcasting can also generate extra revenue through paid advertising and sponsorships. Once you have launched and built a successful podcast, it should be easy to find companies wanting to advertise on your podcast or sponsor a few episodes.

Final Thoughts

The popularity of podcasts is increasing at a rapid rate. This popularity provides SAAS businesses with an ideal opportunity to market their services to their target market and gain more clients. All SAAS businesses should consider starting a podcast, as they can benefit from it in so many ways.

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