Billboard Campaign: Touche Or Go Home and Try again?

by Corey Philip
November 3, 2017

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I never pay attention to billboards. Besides this one, the only one I can remember is the vasectomy doctor who has them plastered on the high way. This one caught my attention, because well, it is clearly upside down.

When I first ran across this billboard by Best Home Services, a company that does, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and maybe even appliance repair, in Fort Myers, my initial thought was “somebody’s getting fired” as I smirked to myself knowing that I wasn’t alone in dealing with employees that don’t always think things through.

On my return trip, I noticed a billboard with the same super hero style logo. This time it was right side up. And in terms of proximity, it was only a couple miles away from the upside down billboard. Maybe they were on to something.

A week went by, and the sign was never corrected. 6 months after I took the picture the billboard advertisement was still upside down.

Well I am extremely experienced in online advertising for home service companies, I’ve never ran billboards, but it seems like they are onto something. Besides the upright billboard that I noticed, there are a few other upright billboards within a close proximity. The strategy seems to be capture the attention with an upside down billboard, and then re-engage you with a right side up while you’re in the area. The iconic logo and simple message seem to do the trick as no matter how it is placed, its looks identifiable.

Props to best home services for going out a limb with their billboards. I’m certain they’re seeing a good ROI on this one.

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Personally speaking, I’ve never ran billboard ads (although if I were going to I’d try upside down).  For the last year Facebook marketing has brought in a large chunk of our leads at a low cost.  And they sell like butter.  I’m currently working on an in depth, 6 week online course, teaching the exact campaigns I run to generate leads at $10-15 a pop for services that average beyond $3000.  You can get more information and sign up for launch updates here.  I’m working to have the course done in early 2018.

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Corey Philip

Corey Philip is a small business owner / investor with a focus on home service businesses.

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