12 Best Customer Success Tools to Keep your Customers Happy

by Corey Philip //  November 13, 2022

Are you looking for the best customer success tools for your company?

If you're reading this, you probably understand the importance of satisfied customers. Increasing numbers of SaaS businesses are placing a greater emphasis on customer service (CS) and retention strategies. In fact, 72% of surveyed companies say that satisfied customers are one of their top three strategic objectives.

What's the secret, then?

No magic lamp can grant your wish and provide positive customer satisfaction overnight. But with the right customer success tools, you can elevate your customer engagement to a new level.

To help you choose the right customer success tool, we'll provide a rundown of some of the best options today. Some of these may be something you still need to become familiar with, but they could be just what your company has been looking for.

Think of Service Hub as the one piece of HubSpot's complete CRM platform designed to help businesses scale. As your team develops, this free, all-in-one customer success solution also grows to suit your demands.

You know how customers expect nothing less than fast responses and customized, around-the-clock support provided through various channels. Service Hub integrates all your customer service data and channels onto a single customer relationship management platform to better assist, keep, and develop your client base.

The result? More effective customer service management results in satisfied consumers at every touchpoint.

Key features:

  • Survey generators and statistical analysis programs.
  • Use a knowledge base consisting of educational resources for your customers
  • Group inbox for coordinating communication and ticket distribution amongst staff
  • Help desk software that uses tickets to categorize and track incoming customer questions and complaints
  • Conversations that bridge all channels of client contact, providing you with essential background information at every interaction.
  • Initiating workflows that lead clients to the answers they need by using their feedback responses as input.

Zendesk is the preferred help desk software for over 200,000 businesses. It's no wonder why it's one of the current market leaders in all-around cloud-based customer support software, thanks to how it simplifies the administration of help desk interactions.

They shine in this area, and their ticketing system for the help desk is awe-inspiring! Multiple types of tickets can be made to accommodate a wide variety of customer service inquiries. You can collect all the valuable information you need by adding custom fields to your forms.

So if you want to ensure customer satisfaction using social media, live chat, SMS, mobile, and telephone, this is an excellent customer success tool to consider.

Key features:

  • Using SLA views, you can compare your team's performance to marketing and sales
  • You can find out more about the mood of your clientele and how satisfied they are with your service, thanks to the detailed reports and analytics you receive.
  • With the help of omnichannel support systems, your customers may reach out to you through the medium of their choice, reducing the required work

Userpilot helps product teams offer tailored app user experiences to improve engagement and retention rates. And while it is best used for new user onboarding, your customer success team can use it to observe how customers interact with your product from the beginning to the end of a specific goal's completion.

Additionally, you can use its analytics function to hone in on subsets of users thanks to its sophisticated consumer segmentation tools. Monitor user activity across segments to tailor product introductions to each client's needs.

Even better, this feedback will allow your customer service team to fine-tune in-app communication. By increasing the customer's loyalty, this strategy helps to raise their lifetime value! Userpilot also allows you to conduct Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys, enabling you to hear directly from your most loyal customers. This adds extra information for your CS team to study and use to serve your customers better.

Specifically designed for customer success and marketing teams, eWebinar is designed to help you deliver the perfect webinar every single time. So if you want to automate the user onboarding process with webinars that go above and beyond, this is an excellent customer success tool.

Users can participate in video webinars, training sessions, and presentations without actually being in the room. Video recordings of customer onboarding sessions can also be uploaded by SaaS businesses and made available to users in any time zone. To boost participation and encourage users to attend sessions or see replays, eWebinar also provides automated email reminders and follow-ups.

Dubbed to be a remarkably better customer success platform, Vitally is a popular customer success tool that's used by numerous SaaS companies, including Segment, Calendly, and Zapier.

It's made for customer success teams to monitor critical KPIs while maintaining tabs on customer engagement activity across the customer lifecycle.

With Vitally, you can monitor your real-time customer happiness score based on several different equations, each with its own set of custom metrics and weights for distinct groups of users. You can receive automated warnings whenever a customer poses a risk or an opportunity.

With Intercom, you can quickly build a conversational platform to cater to your client's wants and needs.

Over 25,000 companies worldwide use this customer success solution because of personalized conversations and automated support. Its variety of resources can be used separately or in tandem.

Key features:

  • Use specialized bots and personalized messages to win back disinterested clients.
  • Support your customers immediately, right when they need it the most, with the help of a live chat service.
  • When you use proactive targeted messaging, the ideal time to reach customers browsing your website or specific pages is much easier.
  • All communications with customers may be saved in one place in a team inbox, making it easier to find past talks as needed.

Next, we have another popular platform and partner for Customer Success. Consider ChurnZero if you need a powerful and data-driven customer success tool to comprehend your clientele better.

Features useful to CS teams are grouped under the headings of "understand," "communicate," "automate," and "collaborate." Health scores, user segmentation for customer data analytics, and customer feedback surveys can also help you make sound judgments.

In-app messages and tutorials can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your business, allowing you to onboard new users quickly and reliably. Lastly, Churnzero also provides a forum where users can seek advice from one another.

To help you maximize the lifetime value of your clients, Custify is a customer success platform that is very effective for SaaS companies. This tool stands out from the competition thanks to its automated features and concierge onboarding.

Personalized onboarding and automation tools are Custify's most vital points. I like that Custify's user interface makes it simple to monitor customer lifecycles, and the flexibility to incorporate user-defined CSM ratings is very valuable. Each customer's actions are taken into account by the platform's numerous capabilities, making it simple to monitor customer success.

Your company can boost revenue, reduce customer churn, and encourage customer advocacy with the help of Gainsight's Customer Success and Product Experience Software.

Customer success teams can monitor user trends using CSAT, sentiment ratings, and NPS right from the homepage of Gainsight, or they can narrow their attention to specific customer categories.

The dashboard shows ARR and future user account renewals to help you meet your revenue targets. Additionally, you may use the onboarding editor, a drag-and-drop interface, to automate customer journeys. With the Calendly+Gainsight combination, you can instantly sync your database with your client call schedule!

10. Wootric

It's time to learn more about this effective tool for enhancing the user experience of digital apps and B2B SaaS.

Remember that quality customer feedback is one of the most critical things in a business if you want satisfied clients. Wootric helps you with this goal, as it offers many customer satisfaction surveys, such as NPS, CSAT, and CES. With the help of micro-surveys, a customer success manager can have access to qualitative consumer feedback data and use it to affect the product roadmap directly.

As a result, you may enhance product adoption and retention rates while focusing on satisfying user demands!

Your day-to-day operations will be significantly simplified using Akita's Customer Success planner, which allows you to create, schedule, and manage your tasks using a single, intuitive interface. As a result, rapidly expand your customer satisfaction and service to the next level!

Key features:

  • A team inbox centralizes and organizes all customer correspondence
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of your clientele by connecting your SaaS tools
  • To provide a personalized service, you can use filters to compile a list of accounts based on specified criteria.

Thanks to Help Scout's group email, knowledge base, and chat features, your business can efficiently handle all consumer inquiries!

Through the platform's centralized dashboard, you'll have access to a mailbox where all of your support tickets will be stored. With your team monitoring those emails, you can give your customers a human-centered support experience while keeping everyone on the same page and avoiding unnecessary repetition.

Additionally, this customer success tool provides comprehensive features, including live chat, a knowledge base, and phone assistance. All of which can be genuinely beneficial for scaling your business!

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