Deadline Funnel Review

by Corey Philip
November 4, 2019

I’ve encountered too many landing pages in the past, either lead capture pages or homepages, with countdown timers somewhere on the page.

When countdown timers were new, it worked in giving me a sense of urgency to know about what’s being offered to me and quickly deciding whether I would sign up or pay for it or not.

I’ve since grown immune to countdown timers, as I imagine so did many other people. I have to be extremely interested in the product to get me to care about the clock ticking, even if it does have some kind of psychological effect to make me want to decide on something on the spot.

The thing is, the timer will restart anyway if I refresh the page. Well, I’ve recently started incorporating countdown timers, more so in my emails as in some of my website pages. Deadline Funnel changed my view of them.

What is Deadline Funnel?

Deadline Funnel is a software used to create running countdown timers that you can put on any page or email, and impose a deadline on any of your marketing campaigns. Adhering to the principles of scarcity marketing, Deadline Funnel promotes a sense of urgency in your buyers and gives them a reason to buy now.

You might be thinking, “I don’t have any buyers, that’s the problem.” That’s only what you think. If you have a valuable product and good copy that makes people have a high perceived value of it (more than its actual worth), there will be people who’ll be willing to buy.

The thing is, they don’t have any reason to buy in the moment because you didn’t give them any reason. That’s how you miss out on sales everyday and you don’t even know it.

Ultimately, the worst case scenario of this is that it affects your marketing so much so that you will have to take costs for ads out of your own wallet just to get promotions for your products going.

This is what Deadline Funnel aims to prevent from happening. Instead, it promotes growth by pushing your business to get more sales by imposing authentic personalized deadlines.

How Does Deadline Funnel Work?

Deadline Funnel combines the power of your irresistible offer and a genuine, consistent deadline to compel buyers into taking action right then and there. It turns mere visitors of your website into buyers and customers.

What differentiates Deadline Funnel from alternative countdown timer options is their deadline fingerprint technology.

What is Deadline Fingerprint Technology?

Deadline Fingerprint Technology is the proprietary feature exclusive to Deadline Funnel. It’s called such because like a fingerprint, deadlines are unique to each and every subscriber.

Once a person enters your marketing funnel, they’re assigned their own deadline, which Deadline Funnel follows through according to the sequence you built.

This means as a lead goes further down your funnel, they’ll continuously have the Deadline Funnel following their progress and pushing them to move forward through strict deadlines.

This is like a direct response tactic because it forces the person to act right away, alluding to the limited time they have on an offer.

Once a deadline is set to begin, it doesn’t stop until the actual timer stops. It’s independent of page, device, or email because Deadline Funnel is a smart software that prevents people from cheating the deadline by refreshing the page or signing up again.

Deadline Funnel even follows the timezone of the person who signed up, and adjusts the timer to their specific time, but still adheres to the same amount of time given for that certain campaign. This gives everyone a fair chance on the offer, and doesn’t make your company lose leads or lose potential sales from buyers’ inaction.


  • Almost guaranteed conversions
  • Personalized, specific deadlines (including time, date, timezone)
  • Follows through your marketing funnel
  • Several third-party app integrations
  • Unique deadlines to every person
  • Tracking across devices, IP addresses, and browser cookies


  • Interface can be improved and made more intuitive
  • Timer code must be copied on pages individually (can be tedious if you want to display it on multiple pages)

Best of Deadline Funnel: What I Like Most

I’ve already made a whole comprehensive email sequence incorporating Deadline Funnel into the individual emails for my product, The Market Domination Method. If you know me, you know I’m not too fond of creating email sequences, so this is saying something about how excited I am about Deadline Funnel.

I’m excited to see how it changes the game for my marketing campaigns for the MDM, which I would say have been doing fairly good regardless. Anyway, here are the features that got me sold on the Deadline Funnel.

Same deadline across different pages

Have you ever encountered a countdown timer that started over again after refreshing the page? Well, I have. Too many times to count! Deadline Funnel is one of the few that really proved efficient in this aspect.

Even if you switch from page to page on the same website where the timer is displayed, it will always be on the same countdown number. If you’ve been on the page with an hour to the timer, left, and came back 20 minutes later, the timer will say there’s 40 minutes left because it doesn’t just reset.

The same goes for every type of page you have — whether that be a landing page, sales page, or checkout page. The timer will display a continuation of YOUR countdown. I say your because it’s personalized to you from the moment you start interacting with the company or brand which page you’re on.

Email timers unique to each lead

Once you move a subscriber into your sales sequence, you can add Deadline Funnel timers to your emails and landing pages so that each person sees their unique deadline wherever they're engaging with you.

This is where I’m seeing The Market Domination could really grow. I recently set up a free trial for it that every new person will have the chance to try. Everyone will have the same amount of time to test it out, with their timers beginning depending on when they signed up for the free trial.

Deadline Funnel allows me to do this with their unique email timers. Email is my main point of contact, especially with my cold market, so that’s where I would insert the timers most of the time.

Authentic Deadline

A keyword in the Deadline Funnel page is “evergreen”. Alternative words to use are authentic, genuine, and honest for the deadlines that are set on the Deadline Funnel. If it’s over, it’s over.

When people see that your timer is true and “evergreen”, in that it reflects the same timer on every page, people take your deadlines seriously and they actually consider the fact that your product is only available for a limited amount of time. They’ll be more convinced of your legitimacy and of the need to try out what seems to be your valuable product.

Smart and Comprehensive Tracking

Deadline Funnel is able to track these particular details:

  • Email address
  • Browser cookies
  • Ip address
  • Devices

It then associates these to a person, so that they can’t just re-enter their email address or switch devices to get a new deadline. The offer will still be gone if it’s already been used up.

Alternatively, Deadline Funnel’s comprehensive tracking also pertains to its reports because it provides data of how many people are following through your campaign, and how much profit you’re generating.

What You Can Do with Deadline Funnel: Types of Blueprints

For every marketing campaign for a certain offer, there’s a blueprint that indicates the marketing funnel that Deadline Funnel will follow the prospect through. There are multiple blueprints available on Deadline Funnel.

Email Sequence with Timed Offer

Email sequence is the blueprint that I made for The Market Domination deadline funnel. It’s a series of emails that imposes a new deadline every new task completed or email opened.

Not all emails necessarily have to have a deadline attached to it, but when prospects keep showing interest (keep opening the emails and taking action by clicking links, for example), they’ll be led further down the funnel where there may be more deadlines.

Click-Based Email Sequence with Timed Offer

People who click or do something from your email sequence (perhaps responded to your initial offer) will receive a new limited offer that’s tailored to them because they showed interest in it. A click-based email sequence is much like the first one, but it’s more segmented.

Different deadlines are triggered when prospects click on a specific link or button in the email. It means they are interested in that particular topic, so they will be sent with an offer from that marketing campaign or funnel.

Facebook Messenger Sequence

A deadline funnel can also be incorporated in a Facebook message. Like an email, it’s a sequence, but it’s much easier and straightforward because it’s less hassle to interact via a chatbox vs. via emails.

Deadline Funnel integrates with other software for Facebook messaging like Manychat, which I also use if you’ve seen my review. It’s now easy to make FB message sequences with countdown timers inserted into it.

Webinar with Special Limited Offer

This one also has a lot of potential, but something I personally haven’t tried yet. The concept is, after a person watches a webinar of yours, they can get a special offer from you, whether a limited access resource or a lower-priced product.

Day of the Week Deadline

I’m guessing this blueprint is more for engagement rather than selling. I can’t imagine people still being interested if you sell to them and set a deadline every week.

Otherwise, this is good for training courses that need weekly check-ups or follow-ups, especially if it’s done in real time with other people. It gets everyone on the same timeline.

15-Minute Upsell

A 15-minute upsell guarantees a fast turnaround because the deadline demands a past customer to convert within 15 minutes. This is good if you already have a repeat customer that knows what they want but need a last push to just go ahead with it.

Special Offer for First Time Customers

This one is another common blueprint. Even without the countdown timer, a lot of online businesses do this wherein they give first-time buyers a special discount or promo code. Of course, it gets more in demand when there’s a running timer on that offer.

The same goes for product launches. Everyone is a new customer, so instead of angling it as a special promo for new customers, you just give a limited offer in celebration of your launch.


Deadline Funnel has three price points, with different access to the features provided. The plans are Starter, which is for freelancers or small businesses; Pro, which is the most popular especially for growing businesses; and Agency for big companies that have plenty of campaigns and subscribers.

Here’s a simple breakdown of Deadline Funnel’s pricing options and corresponding features:

Deadline Funnel price points

Final Verdict

I can see how Deadline Funnel can be heavily impactful on businesses, especially small ones that thrive off of their personal engagements and connections with individual customers. The level of personalization and intelligence of Deadline Funnel’s software is unlike I’ve seen in countdown timer providers before.

I was also drawn to it because of the ease of use. It pleased me that I am able to use it with other software that I already use like ConvertKit, ManyChat, though I’ve yet to try this, and many others. If only for experimenting if imposing deadlines will help your business, Deadline Funnel has a free trial that I’m sure a lot of business owners will benefit from.

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Corey Philip is a small business owner / investor with a focus on home service businesses.

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