Does Your WordPress Site Need WordPress Optimized Hosting?

by Corey Philip
October 27, 2020

Here’s the situation…

You have a WordPress website. You have traditional hosting for it, and everything seems taken care of. The security, updates, plugins, and speed and performance seem okay. And you can pay as little as the cost of coffee.

So why should you consider WordPress optimized hosting? Is there a difference? It’s true that traditional hosting is cheaper and is a good option for most users, especially small-scale websites. But upgrading to WordPress optimized hosting is sometimes an inevitable step for some users who are looking to scale.

In this post, I will discuss what WordPress optimized hosting is, its advantages, who it’s recommended for. By the end of this article, you’ll most likely have an inclination of whether you need WordPress hosting or not.

Top Features of WordPress Optimized Hosting

Automatic WordPress core software and plugin updates

Built-in developer tools for WordPress

Optimized server for WordPress websites

Fully-managed technical WordPress needs

Priority support from WordPress experts

What is WordPress Optimized Hosting?

WordPress optimized hosting, as the name suggests, is a type of hosting that is built specifically for WordPress websites. It’s sometimes also called a managed or fully-managed WordPress hosting.

All the technical needs of a WordPress website or multiple websites fall on the host. It requires minimal technical knowledge on the user’s part as a team of WordPress experts will handle most of the back-end needs of your website. Most providers also give round-the-clock support in almost every manner – phone, live chat, ticket, or other.

WordPress itself is like a complete machine that runs websites. Consider WordPress optimized hosting as an automatic mechanic that changes the oil, cleans the grime, and gets the engines running.

Traditional Hosting vs. WordPress Optimized Hosting

Traditional Hosting

WordPress Optimized Hosting

Can be as low as $5 per month

Robust hosting service and features can get expensive

Shared server with hundreds of other websites

Fewer websites or have your own server via cloud WordPress hosting

Requires technical know-how for managing your WordPress site

Fully-managed by WordPress experts

Little to no add-on services and features for WordPress

Scalable features and WordPress tools

No WordPress-specific updates

Automatic software and plugin updates

Infrequent backups or requires add-on subscription

Automated daily backups with easy restore options

Lacking in security

Smart security specified for WordPress site attacks

Top 5 Reasons You Should Get WordPress Hosting

WordPress optimized hosting has many good things to offer, but here are the top 5 factors that should determine your decision.

Better Speed & Performance

As I mentioned, WordPress optimized hosting servers usually host fewer websites compared to a shared hosting server. Some managed WP hosting even offers your own server container if you opt for cloud hosting.

Either way, it results in better speed and overall performance because you don’t have to share bandwidth and other resources with random websites. In addition, hosts typically take great measures in keeping everything in your site updated and keeping your back-end code as light as possible.

Higher Security

WordPress hosting providers optimize their services to protect users against WordPress-specific attacks. Some providers also include malware scanning and removal in their plans. If not, you can most likely avail it as an add-on.

As for WordPress optimized cloud hosting, you’ll have your own server that’s a completely isolated environment from others. When other people’s websites are affected by an attack, your website will be protected against it and experience NO repercussions.

Developer Tools

Some developer tools that are commonly available across different WordPress managed hosting plans are staging sites or areas to test your website on, SSL certificates, CDN, automated backups, and auto migrations, among others. Some providers would also give users access to the server and database.

Although, I think it’s also important to note: some hosting providers tweak a lot of the core WordPress code that it’s difficult to migrate if you choose to do so. Take extra care in evaluating what developer tools a hosting provider is offering, so you know you’ll have the rightful access that you want.


Scalability is made easy with WordPress optimized hosting. With most providers offering auto migration, it doesn’t take much from you to transfer sites without encountering problems.

If you choose to upgrade with the same hosting provider, they usually could grant you more expansive features and tools by contacting their support team. If you’re running more websites or gaining more traffic, upgrading also require no downtime for your sites.

Prioritized Support

The way most WP hosting providers would describe their service is like having a team of WordPress experts “on your side” whenever you need. It’s only standard to expect 24/7 support as many already offer it.

Different providers have different ways of offering support – usually via phone, email, or live chat. I’ve seen some providers also offer a very personalized onboarding process to tailor their service to your business needs and goals. This is an area that providers compete with each other on, so this is one of the deciding factors that show how well a WP hosting provider will cater to you.

Pros & Cons of WordPress Optimized Hosting


  • WordPress-specific features
  • Automatic WordPress updates & regular backups
  • Security against specific WordPress attacks
  • Optimized performance
  • More time focusing on your business, less on maintaining your website
  • Custom hosting plans according to your needs
  • Little technical knowledge needed


  • Pricier than other types of hosting
  • Some providers have limited plans and pricing options


Who is WordPress optimized hosting recommended for?

How to choose the best WordPress optimized hosting plan for me?

Final Verdict

WordPress optimized hosting is an excellent hosting solution that can drastically improve the overall performance of your website, both back-end and front-end. With frequent updates, advanced features, better security protection, and dedicated support from WordPress experts, your website is less likely to encounter problems. Good for beginners to enterprise, WordPress optimized hosting has become more accessible and is worth the upgrade.

About the author

Corey Philip

Corey Philip is a small business owner / investor with a focus on home service businesses.

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