September 25

Electrician Landing Page Tear Down — Let’s See What Works!

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  • [1:02] Key impressions on the landing page
  • [2:30] How important it is to integrate a call tracking software in your landing page
  • [3:05] Why narrowing down your service scope is more effective
  • [4:45] How you can re-stage stock photos and come up with more personalize and realistic ones
  • [11:30] The number one trick on how to display your company Phone Number that converts

Full Transcription:

Let’s tear down an electrician’s landing page.

I went ahead and googled Denver electrician.

I just picked the city Denver because I really liked it.

It’s a nice city surrounded by melons.

Lots of stuff going on there.

It’s one of my favorite cities in the United States.

We’re gonna find an electrician’s landing page.

I’ve already found it and picked it.

It’s this one right here.

You can see they’re a Denver Electricians–

Serving Denver for over 35 years–

Now, the focus of this is not on the ad itself but rather it’s on the landing page which I’ve already gone ahead and opened.

Now, before we go ahead any further, I do have the disclaimer that this a review of a publicly available website.

This is non-solicited for the sake of constructive criticism or comment.

So, review of a publicly available web page for the sake of criticism or comment which is what we’re doing here.
Piper Electric did not solicit me in any way to review this and I’m reviewing what they’ve got publicly available online with my own criticism or comment.
Here’s their landing page.

The first thing I think when I look at this is it’s definitely professionally done.

It’s certainly got a nice professional or a good professional behind it.
As we roll through it, we can tell immediately, largely from this logo, which I like their logo, by the way.

This is very effective– really resonates a solid service company or solid brand.

I like their logo and we can tell Denver lighting electric repair and installation–

We get they’re a general electrician providing all kinds of electrician electrical services.

They’ve got a large stock photo here.

I don’t like stock photos already.

And then, of course, it’s above the fold.

They’ve got their affiliations, and there, from there some more stuff they say, residential–

An electrical contractor…award-winning Denver area electrician.

Doesn’t say which awards they’ve won.

A little bit of social proof.

Trust-building with a review.

And then, down here, their general overview of services.

Another review…I think that’s very interesting–how they put review here.

And, then also, up here.

I think that’s effective…

Stock photo…

And then “Get Free Estimate”.

And I think if we click that, it pulls you back to the Contact Us form.

So, that’s it.

They’re clearly an electrician.

They’ve got a local phone number up here which anybody in Denver would identify with that area code–303–

We know that they do general electrical services.

So, one other thing…let’s see if that’s a dynamic phone number…


If it were a dynamic phone number, you would have noticed it would have flashed a different number.

They certainly don’t have keyword call level tracking.

And I don’t believe that they’ve got any type tracking on here.

I don’t know if this is a unique phone number just to the page but they don’t have it set up to track specific keywords.

They might just be able to track just people that end up with this landing page and that’s fine if this is the only landing page that they are running.

Like I said, certainly a professional landing page.

I do think that there a few think that they could do better.

I guess before I go on, I’ll also make a comment because I talk about this a lot, you really need to focus in and narrow in on your services.

They’re not so much doing that here.

They’re just saying “we’re a general electrician…residential…commercial…industrial”.

When you’re in a specific trade like this, it’s fine to do, I think, and have a general page as long as you’re all on electrical.

You don’t want to have a page that covers electrical and plumbing, but in this case electric.

It’s all one thing now.

If you’re narrowing down, then certainly specify your services or what you’re targeting but they’ve been in business 35 years.

They’re seemingly got fairly large workforce and scope of services.

So, this is fairly specific if they did other home services like plumbing, you wouldn’t want them to have plumbing services listed on here.

That would be horribly ineffective and the other thing, too, is it really goes for people that are like general remodelers or something okay.

Well, do you just say you’re a general remodel or do you say that you do commercial interiors or residential exteriors?

What do you do?

Those types of trades when you’re in the remodeling field or general handyman, you really have to drive in your landing page to focus on specific service or trying to sell whereas they’re just in one specific trade and everything they’re doing is right in it.

This is suitable and this will work.

I don’t know what the actual search traffic like they might not be a ton of search traffic.

If you can differentiate between residential and commercial maybe you have two different pages for them.

But I think this is suitable in the content they have on here suitable.

I do like how they also have the 24-hour emergency service up here.

It indicates you can call whenever you need to.

But what do I think they could improve on?

Well, first things first.

You know I’m gonna say this if you listen to any of my other videos…watched any of my other videos or heard me speak on a podcast before.

Right here is a stock image.

I think they need to have some type of photo that reflects the actual company.

Their team in front of the office building.

Their team in front of the trucks.

Maybe a video of their truck service vehicle pulling up to a house.

Something like that.

This just screams stock photo.

I don’t believe this is anyone in their company.

Actually no, it’s nobody in their company.

They could re-stage this photo and I think it would be good if they had somebody from their company doing whatever this woman here is doing.

Actually, just looking at this picture, I think she’s just holding up the screwdriver to do nothing.

She’s not actually doing anything.

Totally staged stock photo.

But a photo like this with a pipe or electric shirt or logo on the back of the shirt, that would be killer right here.

So, the intent of this image is good but when you really tie this into the local brand and ties this into the actual, physical company and the people behind it, it makes a huge, huge, huge difference.

People that are shopping for services, they want to feel like they’re hiring the local-family owned business.

By and large, the consumers in the home service space don’t want to feel like they’re hiring mega-corporation.

And I talked about this before because one of the websites saw at my own company which we have done for my company which is Gulf Coast Aluminum–

One of the variations of the website, I should say, one of the rebuilds that we did, brought up this huge professional image.

We just seemed so corporate that our leads actually dropped and the feedback we were getting from our customers was “you guys just seemed like a huge company” when really we’re a small business.

So, if you want to make your company, even if it’s big to seem like it’s small, and you can still be professional.

Be reputable but you want to seem like a  local family-owned business to where the customer’s know who’s behind it and it’s not just this smoke and mirrors type of business.

You know, a corporation that’s too big with people that hide behind the office wall type of thing.

We don’t want to do that.

Replacing the stock imagery certainly would do well–

More personal photos.

I think somewhere down here, again personal photo or a photo that shows the actual inside workings of the business and that the assets and resources of the business–

Too much better here than what you have.

This would really personalize it.

And then from there, someone here I think a local service area map.

Obviously, we have Denver but a map that greater Denver area with a pinpoint where the offices are and circles around that.

That would be ideal so that customers when they’re on this page a physical or a visual representation of where you go.

You wanna make things as visual as possible.

And then for the reviews, while they do have the reviews here–

they don’t have a specific review section.

So, they’ve got 2 reviews– review there…review here…or not there…

…That’s not review.

Or a nice review here and then review here.

So, they don’t have a specific review section.

I think it’s interesting how they worked it into the content.

I actually like that.

I like what they’re doing but as an alternative to this may be, rather than just embedding the text, embed the actual Google review itself if that’s an option with the page builder that they are using.

Embed the Google review itself or if you couldn’t do that you could screenshot the Google review and put it here so that way you’re gonna have a headshot of the person wherever the Google image is what their actual review as they input it on a site that user associate with trust. Everyone has a lot of trust in Google.

Actually putting it here or if not, Google, Yelp, Angie’s List, HomeAdvisor or Thumbtack, whatever the major review platform is, a third-party or a screenshot of a review on a third-party platform would do quite well here.

Let’s see something else.

I don’t see a “WHY US” section.

I like to have a “WHY US” section because that really gives you a section, number one, that’s engaging.

People always tend to gravitate towards “WHY US”.

They want to know “why you” or “why should I choose you”.

And it gives you a section where you can highlight really the “WHY US” and highlight why your company is different.

You can really use the “WHY US” section to differentiate yourself.

It’s really powerful they generally get read customers generally gravitate toward them.

“WHY US” section is something I would do.

The other thing is you don’t really notice a lot of pain points speaking.

That is kind of so hard to when you’ve got a page that’s so general and covering general services or just looking to appeal to general electric services.

But I think what they could do with their tagline–

This isn’t bad here because this essentially says what they’ve got–

Denver Lighting Electric Repair and Installation–

So, you know what they do.

You get that right off the bat from this text.

And then Piper Electric Co. Inc. is privately held.


Small company.

I would use privately held that I would say small business or a local business and was established in 1983.

I like how they’ve got this and that Better Business Bureau log and then they’re 35 years of service.

But I think one of the things you can do is really touch on the pain points and this is common across any home service type of project.

Customers want their issues to be solved quickly and without headache.

They’re frustrated, frustrated that the project is gonna cost more or take longer.

Maybe saying with 35 years you can rely on us to get your project completed quickly and headache-free.

Pain point.

Time and frustration right there.

You’re wrapping that in there.

Now, if you’re real direct response copywriter or something and you’re focusing on getting them to take a specific action for a specific service, you could phrase that differently.

But I think in the context of this page that is suitable.

The other thing we haven’t looked at is mobile.

Let’s switch this page to mobile.


Here’s the Piper Electric landing page in mobile.

And let’s see if this part sticks.

I would just like to see if the phone number sticks.

And the phone number does.

It’s always visible in front of you.

The copy is very legible.

Tagline is legible.

Trust-building icons–what would be right in front of…wait.

You would have to remember…If I can do this…

We have to remember that when somebody is actually loading this on like an iPhone,

It’s gonna be a lot shorter so it’s gonna be like this.

Let’s see their “Free Estimate” form.

I think this is 110% suitable.

Their accreditation…

Some reviews.

You get it.

This page looks nice in mobile.

I will say that.

And the phone number is visible and sticky.

And the one thing that stands out to me is this:

This phone number just looks like text when you load this on your mobile, there’s nothing that says “Call me. Call me. Call me.”

“Click me. Click me. Click me.” and in mobile terms that means Click-To-Call.

So, you really need to make this number a little bit noticeable so that is encouraging for people to click, for users to click.

I think that will make a huge difference.

And one way you can do that is by changing this font color for the phone number to blue.

If you notice in Microsoft Word–let me open up a Microsoft Word document here and put some text on it.

There’s some text but check this out when we go to hyperlink something and I’m tying this all back into the phone number and making it more clickable–

When we go to hyperlink some text that’s been, you know, our whole life using Microsoft Word or Office products–

And we just type in…Let’s just link this to Google.

Look at that.

It turns blue and it underlines it.

And I think that doing the blue, I don’t think I know because I do this on my own website–

Turning it blue that hyperlink blue, the same font color and then underlining it right here,

Would be killer for conversions because people associate these blue colors with underlines with clickable links.

Now, you’re gonna load this up on mobile and when you see that phone number you’re instantly gonna know it’s clickable to call.

So, I don’t even have to do anything.

You’re removing friction.

They don’t have to do write the number down. They don’t have to memorize it and then type it in.


Right there it’s always in front of the user whenever they’re scrolling around on this page.

They know that they can click to call.


So, that is my teardown of the electrician landing page.

I hope you guys get a lot of them inside out of this into what makes a good landing page and take away a lot of ideas you could implement in some of your own landing pages for a trade service business.


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