Expert First Look: Active Campaign Landing Pages

by Corey Philip
October 15, 2020

In September 2020 ActiveCampaign, released a major new feature... the ability to create landing pages.

Prior to this the only tool ActiveCampaign has offered to capture leads and build an email list has been 'forms' which is a rather robust tool.

Landing pages though... those require an independent page builder.

Is it easy to use?

In short... yes. You can modify all of the elements of the page and make something that looks good. And you can get your leads into Activecampaign without any integration.

Does it work well with Facebook Ads (Pixel and urls)?

To work with facebook ads, it needs to have 2 funcationlities.

#1 The functionality to add code / scripts on the page. This is necessary to put the Facebook pixel code on the page.

#2 The functionality to modify URLs. This is mostly necessary to put tracking identifiers on your pages. I use often edit my urls to keep track of my landing page. Although I guess you could do without it.

#3 The functionality to go to thank you page. After completing a form the user needs to go to a thank you page to trigger a conversion event.

This is makes things a little funky. To pull this off you must create a form using the 'forms' feature of Activecampaign and then embed the form code in your landing page.

Could this replace a landing page builder like Clickfunnels?

We see many ‘software as a service’ providers coming out with new features trying to take unique services and bundle them together with their core product. This rarely means the auxillary product is valuable.

That’s the case with the ActiveCampaign landing pages.

It lacks the features of true landing page builders such as pop-ups / lightboxes, and shopping carts.

Who does this work best for?

Basically this works best for people that want to capture email addresses by landing page.

If you’re just getting an internet business set up with no products, you might find this tool helpful. However if you have an active ebusiness chances are high, you probably already have a landing page builder that is better.

What Could Be improved?

2 things that stand out to me…

Add functionality for forms created using a block of the landing page builder to redirect.

Currently if you create a form using the landing page builder, it cannot redirect to a thank you page (which would most likely be used for a conversion event). To redirect after a form submission you need to create the form using the ‘forms’ tool of ActiveCampaign. This ads an extra layer that shouldn’t exist.

Add Pop-up Forms

When it comes to landing pages, having the form itself hidden is a key element ‘conversion optimists’ like. Requiring the user to to click a button to trigger the form forces the user to make a micro-committment, arguable increasing conversion rates.

It’s a key feature in many other landing page builders that I love, but not yet in ActiveCampaign.

ActiveCampaign VS Mailerlite Landing Pages

Mailerlite is an awesome email marketing tool that has had a landing page builder for sometime… it was probably a major reason behind ActiveCampaign’s development of the landing pages.

Which one is better?

Personally I like the builder of ActiveCampaign better. There’s far more options of customizability.

But Mailerlite has a very interesting feature… A/B testing of the landing pages.

The Bottom Line on Active Campaign Landing Pages

It’s a well put together auxiliary product for ActiveCampaign, that works if you just want to capture email address, but it won’t compete with dedicated landing page builders.

That said, I love ActiveCampaign as an email marketing tool and I would evaluate it as that alone.

About the author

Corey Philip

Corey Philip is a small business owner / investor with a focus on home service businesses.

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