Facebook Ads For Contractors Examples

by Corey Philip
November 27, 2018

<img decoding=” /> There are some of the ads I discussed on the Perpetual Traffic Podcast… one of the top 5 rated marketing podcasts on Itunes.

What do good Facebook ads for contractors look like?

Shockingly they aren’t going to win any awards for creativity.

Organic wins on Facebook.  Customers searching for a home service provider want to hire a company that they know, like, and trust.  Our Facebook ads, first and foremost, build that connection before asking users to buy from us.  Let’s take a look at 2 of my top performing ads!


Made with an Iphone 4 this is a lead generation ad that we run to a warm audience.  No stabilizer, microphone or external accessories.  A simple video, of a walk around an in progress project, that continues to drive sales opportunities.  A more refined approach can be found in our ‘2-Take Marketing Video Framework’.

Once a customer enters the sales pipeline, lead capturing ads are irrelevant.  Ads that highlight your level of quality and service consistently in front of your (re)targetted audience can differentiate your company and keep you at the top of their mind!

### Update 8/18/2019

I recently launched a ‘full circle’ contractor marketing training program.  It starts with identifying your profitable projects and customers and works through branding, sales and lead generation including with Facebook Ad.  Go To The Market Domination Method.

Update 11/14/2018

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