Facebook Wants A Piece Of The Pie: Adds Home Services To Marketplace

by Corey Philip
June 1, 2018

Over the last 3 years we’ve seen the giants move into the home service space. YELP has made a concerted effort to get more contractors into their lead generation system. Google launched Home Service Ads, and further continues to stuff their organic rankings further down the page. Amazon launched a home service market place that doesn’t charge by the lead, but rather takes a percentage of the total revenue.

Then there’s the venture capital operations. Homeadvisor acquired Angielist. Porch.com is a ‘thing’.

And now Facebook adds Home Services to their marketplace section.

In a Newsroom post on 5/23 Deborah Liu said in a Newsroom post, that the new features will available throughout the U.S. “over the coming weeks.”

Included in the post is a bit that their home services marketplace come from collaboration with Handy, HomeAdvisor and Porch to:

  • Become a single destination for people to manage home projects, from proposal to completion.
  • Offer hundreds of thousands of top-rated professionals across the U.S.
  • Simplify decisions by displaying professionals’ ratings, reviews, credentials and locations.
  • Make it easy to get a quote: Simply describe the project you need help with and send your request to multiple professionals at once.
  • Easily communicate in real-time with service professionals via Messenger.

I know I know, it sounds thrilling.

The vague release came with a few attached screen shots.

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What do we know?

  • Facebook is trying to control the whole end to end experience. This really seems frustrating. How many possible channels of communication can small businesses manage. Inbound phone calls and emails can overwhelm most of us. Then there is Google messenger, and now Facebook messenger both of which I have disabled for my company.
  • You’ll have to be a member of Handy, HomeAdvisor or Porch to use the marketplace.
  • Customers will be able to send their estimate to multiple contractors at the same time. Ah bidding bidding bidding. In these scenarios an automated response and remarketing system will need to be implement for maximum success.
  • It is free… although it doesn’t specify whether you need to be a paid member of Handy, HomeAdvisor and Porch to use the free service.
  • Facebook gives a ‘Report Pro’ button to the consumer. It’s front and center next to a ‘manage project’ button.
  • It seems as though (based on their screen shots released) you could post as a person or business.

What don’t we know?

  • How location will be based? Service area you select or proximity to your home.
  • Do you have to be a paid member of Handy, HomeAdvisor or Porch to use the Free Market place.
  • Exactly what categories will be made. I’m sure, there will be HVAC, Electrical, and landscaping. The big evergreen trades.

Where this is heading (my opinion):

  • Few people will know this option exists. At least for the next few years, when customers think “oh I need to hire a contractor” they won’t be going to look in market place ads.
  • The established and reputable companies will by & Large ignore the whole thing. This could leave some opportunity to get build a client list and become established.

So far it is not in my area, but I’ll test the waters when it gets here.

Always be conscious of what is going on as powerful brand names try to tap into the home services space. There is potential for major shakeup, and/or commoditization of services, although it could be a long time until we really start seeing that come in to effect. Solid branding, trust building content and paid digital advertising will be the best defense against major brands trying to get into the home service space.

About the author

Corey Philip

Corey Philip is a small business owner / investor with a focus on home service businesses.

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