Fiverr As A Content Writing Service; I Ordered The Same Article From 6 Providers

by Corey Philip
February 24, 2021

In this post I cover why I became interested in using Fiverr as a content writing service, how I would find writers, and then the results I got.  Then at the end I share the the same topic written by an expert!  Here we go....

Outsourcing content has always been a weakness of mine.  I feel like I spend more time deciding what to outsource, who to outsource it to, and then editing the deliverable, then if I just would've done it all myself.  

For the last couple of years I have been primarily doing things with staff writers, but as I've grown my 'online business', which consists of 2 web properties and then marketing services for contractors, my team has become a bit strapped as I look to increase content.  

Hence I find myself interested in outsourcing content writing... and Fiverr seems like the formidable choice.

So I am going to test # authors and try to utilize Fiverr as a content writing service.

Can I get great content?

Why Fiverr as a content writing service?

Glad you asked.

Yes I am aware that there are a dozen content writing services out there, some of which provide unlimited writing services for a relatively economical price.  Content Cucumber is one I eyeballed (and still am) at $490/m for unlimited content.  And then there some platforms that let you make one off orders for content like Content Development Pros.

Here's why I am interested particularly interested in Fiverr.

No commitments.

With a monthly service or other subscription based service, like Writer's Access which charges a monthly fee just to use, I feel obligated to "get my money's worth", which means that I need to consistently order content.  Possibly I should get in that practice, but I am not.  

Instead I get a bunch of content in batch, drip it out, and then reorder more.  That might be bi weekly, or bi-annually.  Either way, I am more of an 'on-demand' kind of user.

Great Rates.

Rates on Fiverr range from very low at $5/1000, to very high... I found this one for $250/1000 words.  There's probable some out there much higher

I won't be spending that much.

I'm looking to keep my cost below $75/1000 words.  

I do believe there are some 'hidden gems' on there at very low rates.  If you've surfed Fiverr, you've probably noticed some very low budget writers with incredible reviews, like this one... $10 for 1,000 words and 500+ 5 star reviews

I'm curious to see how they do for $10!

Find writers in native English speaking countries.

Working with off-shore providers can be a hit, or total miss.  Often times you'll get some non-sensical 'engrish', that is either useless or requires heavy editing.

As a general rule of thumb I find more luck with writers that are located in native English speaking countries.  Their work while it might not always be great, is at least usuable and not an embarassment.

Down in the how to section, I'll show you the search function.

Work directly with the writer.

It's always best if you can eliminate any shot at miscommunication and work directly with the source.  Some writing platforms do allow you to do this, but many keep a veil over everything.  On Fiverr, you're working with the source.

Everything in an interface I already use.

I don't want to have to use another project management platform.  I don't like learning them, and I often miss my deadlines as a client.

I'm already outsourcing things on Fivver.  I'm paying attention to my emails from them.  Their client dashboard is pretty friendly, and I am actively using it.  

Could assign articles to various providers based on the quality you need.

Sometimes you need a general 1000 word post that without spending a ton.  Other times you want to hire an expert for a several thousand word post, at any cost.  Fiverr lets you have access to the full spectrum.  

[The Method] How To Find Great Writers on Fiverr

I know they are out there, or there wouldn't be so many writing gigs with good reviews!

You first have to find them.  Unlike a writing service, no vetting is done.

It's time for me to drop some money in and see what I get!

There are 2 approaches For finding great writers on Fiverr.


#1) Search for Writers Based in Native English Countries

When you hire writers in native English speaking countries, you typically always get something that is at least decent.  You don't run the risk of getting something that makes absolutely no sense and is total rubbish.

Fiver makes it easy to filter down the sellers location on any query.  

From there you could filter down based on reviews, or the quality of their profile.  

#2) Search for Topic Experts

Using the search function up top, you can look for writers that specialize in a particular subject.  Here you might find a writer with particular expertise even though they don't have many reviews.

Make a shortlist of writers.

So you've done some searching.  It's time to make a shortlist of writers.  I like to use Fiverr's built in 'save' functionality and create a list for the topic that I am going to be writing/hiring on.

Ask the providers if they are ok to write about the topic.

Put yourself in a writer's shoes for a minute.  How good of piece would you be able to do if you absolutely didn't like the topic?

The answer is obvious.  

For best success it helps if a writer is not writing on something they have zero interest in or totally don't like.

Yet, one thing I've found is that it seems like writers have no way of bailing on a topic if you assign it.  I'm not sure whether it is for fear of a bad review, or negative impact of a cancellation, or not wanting to pass up the work, but once assigned my experience has been writers would rather try to deliver something mediocre then just cancelling and refunding.

For this reason I always send my shortlist a question of "hey could you write about this topic?".  That way they have an out and we eliminate the writers that are totally uninterested.

Assign the same piece to multiple providers.

Once we figure out who is interested, it is time to assign.  You'll need to assign the same piece to multiple providers, to find one or a few that you entrust.

Personally I like starting with a fairly easy topic that kind of warms the writer up and lets them display their research skill and get a broad understanding of the topic.  One topic approach I have take is ' ____________ : Here's Everything You Need To Know'.

With this type of piece you won't be wildly disappointed no matter what you get, and you'll see a wide array of results.

Here's exactly what I sent to all of them:

Now let's see what I got back when I outsourced the writing content on Fiverr.

I assigned the same piece to 6 different providers.  

I didn't go with the the aforementioned topic approach, but instead I went with 'exit strategies for small business' (that's actually a piece on this site that I need to get updated).  

I've thought about embedding them into this site, but I'm a minimalist... so no the idea of adding another plugin ain't up my alley.  

Username: Yukanna

Cost: $10 Nationality: Romania

👉 Read the piece here.

My thoughts: The grammar and punctuation is correct, which certainly attributes to the hundreds of 5* reviews this writer had, but to me it seems clear that this writer had very little experience or interest in the topic.  It's basically generic information formulated into some paragraphs. 

While I paid for 1000 words, the piece is also short at 890.  This further re-instills my though that the writer had little to no interest in the topic -- typically with a topic of mild interest it is east to meet the word count.

I would give this writer another shot with another topic, but for now their profile on Fiverr is no longer available.

My Rating?

Username: Superpummelo

Cost: $30 Nationality: United States

👉 Read the piece here.

My thoughts: This writer displayed that they have a good understanding of business topics, and the point of 'exit strategies'.  In the opening line he identifies and sympathizes with the target audience.  I think it is pretty good.  

My Rating?

Username: Misspea

Cost: $50 Nationality: United States

👉 Read the piece here.

My thoughts: This is a writer I regularly work with on another topic.  She did good here and created a good piece but it wasn't something that I was really like 'wow' about.  

My Rating?

Username: Gabtoanone

Cost: $15 Nationality: United States

👉 Read the piece here.

My thoughts: Getting 1000 words from a native english speaking American for $15 seemed like a steal so I was eager to read this piece... which I am going to do now.  

For $15 I would say I got my money's worth!  This writer delivered a pretty good piece that I felt was better than the $50 piece.  The one thing that I felt was a major negative was it was written from the position of "protect my investment and minimize my losses?" I would've rather seen the article from the position of 'how can I maximize the valuation of  the exit'.  But that is what I assigned.  

I would certainly give this writer another shot with a different topic.  

My Rating?

Username: Kinzaheer

Cost: $20 Nationality: Pakistan

👉 Read the piece here.

My thoughts: The writer has done some writing for me on other topics.  As you can see, although being a pakistani, they have a good command of the English language and writing an enticing piece.  That said, this topic was certainly not for them.  .

My Rating?

Username: Aimeeravelo

Cost: $25 Nationality: Phillipines

👉 Read the piece here.

My thoughts: A very well written and engaging piece, but it lacks substance.  She include stock photos which are nice, although I am not sure if they are properly licensed -- I think they come from pixabay.

Possibly this writer could've done better if assigned with more focus or longer word count.  

I would work with this writer again on this topic.  

Since this assessment piece she has doubled her rates.

My Rating?

Compare: The True Expert Piece

As I consider myself an expert on this topic having started, bought, sold, and brokered small businesses in the home service industry I felt passionate enough to take a crack at it myself.  Here's what I put together.

Let's just say my hourly rate is in excess of $250.  And let's say it took 2 hours to do these 1733 words.  

🤔 Would you pay $500 or 29 cents per word for this?


It's 100% possible to find good blog writers on Fiverr, that you can work with regularly and get that 'personal touch content' at a lower rate than through traditional content writing services.

That said... personally I thought none of the writers were exceptional on this topic.  I've ran this 'experiment' multiple times to find writers on a variety of topics, and found seemingly better quality pieces.

Here is a piece from a US based content writer that I found in a similar assessment on Indoor Air Quality for $40.  This writer has gone on to write hundreds of posts for me and is my most regular writer.  (sorry I'm not sharing contact info on this one)

Possibly that is result of this topic being something I am very knowledgable and passionate about.  

You can read a truly 'expert' piece on this topic here... written bu

That said, each of the providers did a good piece for less that $50.  No it is not true 'expert' quality, but it is on the high-side of quality that I would expect from any content writing service.  This is the type of content that I would publish and then come back to revise in a couple months if it was showing up in search results.

Interestingly, the price didn't seem to matter much with the most expensive provider delivering a piece that was no better than some of the others around $30.  I was kind of shocked by that, as that writer Misspeaa, has done great on other topics for me.  

Also of observation is that the country doesn't matter entirely.  Sure, if you only have one shot, your best bet is on a native english speaker, but writers from other non-english speaking countries can write just as well.  

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