Get Out Of The House! Reflections on Hiring Back To Year 1

by Corey Philip
June 9, 2019

That was GCA year 1, before becoming a multi-million dollar operation, operating out of a rented house. Circa 2012. Trucks backed into the retaining ditch (loading was actually quite easy). Stock pile of aluminum on the side. The ‘parking lot’ was vacant lot up the road.

How we ever ‘made it’ is beyond me.

We operated the first 2 years our out of that house, and grew to close to 20 people reporting to work at said house before we actually got cease & desist orders from code enforcement (lol).

While it was initially cost effective, and certainly ‘lean’, it was hamper on things. Getting forced into a real commercial facility was a blessing.

If you’re operating out of your house;

and you’ve got inbound inquiries, but your biggest constraint is finding and retaining ‘good’ people… 

I would say it is time to step up and get that office.

While we had a good size ‘team’ there were no players. It was a 3 ring circus full of surprises everyday that you would expect from people that didn’t take their job seriously. 

Once we moved into a real space it was a game changer. If I had a do over, I would’ve certainly took the leap and gotten commercial space right off the bat.

Think about this, what kind of person are you going to attract to work for you when you’re working out of your house? Usually the kind that doesn’t like formality and subsequently your quality and punctuality standards. And you certainly won’t attract the people looking for a stable job. 

About the author

Corey Philip

Corey Philip is a small business owner / investor with a focus on home service businesses.

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