Here’s What I Share When HomeAdvisor Comes Up

by Corey Philip
May 3, 2019

HomeAdvisor and other lead market places come up frequently in other groups… these are my typical responses when then come up.

#1 Like it or not, consumers are going to these these lead market places like Homeadvisor.  They’re all growing rapidly, and the consumers that are using them to find contractors are happy with who they find on there.

Generating your own leads is preferred, but in some trades, other forms of marketing are becoming more expensive then lead market places.

#2 There’s always some talk of home advisor ripping people off or quality of lead.  imo most of the contractors that whine about the low quality of leads, or getting ripped off on these sources, don’t know how to sell and have no sales/nurturing process in place. You have to be on your A game for sales. Respond quickly. Have a good pitch. Have strong follow up. And most importantly have automated nurturing. Here’s my podcast episode with an established contractor (concrete) that is doing well with HA

#3 here’s a good framework video where I cover the sales process and some things you NEED to do if you’re getting leads from marketplace like HA and should be doing regardless of your lead source and want to grow.

About the author

Corey Philip

Corey Philip is a small business owner / investor with a focus on home service businesses.

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