How To Break Free From Facebook Ads Addiction

by Corey Philip
September 25, 2020

Real talk.

If you’re a digital marketer running Facebook Ads, you know exactly wtf I am talking about.

You create a campaign. You turn it on. Then you refresh it every 10 minutes. I’ve been down that road and wasted entirely too much time, and other parts of live, looking for that hit of action.

I committed myself to breaking it.

Here’s how.

#1 limit your ads manager time to only during working hours. I work 8am – 5pm only. That’s it. No ads manager outside of that time.

#2 Only review campaign performance weekly. It takes time to see results and for Facebook to gather data. Nothing meaningful comes in one day. Plain and simple. Maybe on the first day of a campaign launch, take a look at things to make sure there are no errors on your pages or conversion events, but that’s it.

#3 Commit an intended budget. In my experience Facebook works best as a direct response marketing tool. Figure out what you need to spend to get traction, if traction doesn’t happen, move on. My rule of thumb is 5x my target cost per customer acquisition. In other words if I am selling a $2,000/m product (service) and I establish my customer acquisition cost needs to be $3,000, I need to prepare to spend $15,000 to see a result.

That’s an extremely high ticked example. On a lower basis, let’s say I need to generate leads for my home service company at $20 each. I should plan to spend $100 to see if I get a single lead. If I reach that and nothing happens it’s time to call it a wrap and really move the needle (next topic).

#4 Really MOVE THE NEEDLE when testing. If things don’t work out a test, and meet the 5x threshold, it’s time to move the fucking needle. I’m not talking about changing a little copy on the landing page or the color of the button, I’m talking about a radically new landing page.

Remember, your audience and offer are the biggest factors. Little moves only improve something that has traction.

If you have no ideas to move the needle, just stope.

Personal story: I’ve had a ton of success with home services, earning a 2 Comma Club Award for my work on my home service company, but when it came to selling my info product I had minimal success. Basically no success. It was frustrating. Lots of little tends. Thousands of combinations. I finally said “the end” — I’ll focus on something else. Simply put the market had minimal demand for my offer and the audience is just plain skeptical of info products.

#5 Set a fixed long term objective. This has really helped me with nurturing campaigns. Rather then wondering if they work day-in and day-in; I commit a certain amount of spend ($5/day x 365) and go with it, knowing the power of nurturing. I look at it as I will spend $1825/yr to really build a warm audience that I can sell to or that will spread the word.

Those 5 simple rules have kept me from Facebook ads ‘addiction’.

About the author

Corey Philip

Corey Philip is a small business owner / investor with a focus on home service businesses.

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