May 27

How To Generate Storm & Roofing Leads [exactly what the lead gen companies do]

In this video:

As the owner of a contracting company which covers a bit of roofing, Corey Philip shares cost-effective ways to generate your own Damage and Roofing leads in less than 7 minutes.

  • [2:04]What Lead Generations Companies Actually Do
  • [2:29]Landing Page Conversion Optimization Strategy
  • [2:57]How To Get Wildly Effective Landing or Home Page Quick and Easy
  • [3:27]Sending Targeted Traffic To The Page With PPC Ads
  • [4:22]Facebook Ads To Conversion Page


How To Generate Storm and Roofing Leads Quickly and Easily

Now, for the real quick “Who am I”.
I’m Corey Philip.
I write the blog
And I’ve also started, grown, and currently own and operate my own contracting company Gulf Coast Aluminum in Southwest Florida.
We do storm damage work.
There was Irma that came through our area just last year and we also do a little bit of roofing work.

Now, what I see out there is a lot of lead generation companies that pop up after hurricanes and storms.
And they charge a good premium $80-$150 per lead.
And what I want you to know is that it is incredibly easy to generate storm and roofing leads particularly after there’s a storm.
You don’t have to pay somebody this amount of money to do it.
You can do it all yourself.

I’m gonna give you a quick overview and outline of how to do it and I think that by the time you get done watching this, you should have enough taken away that you can implement this stuff yourself and capture leads.
That said, I’m recording this just a few weeks after Hurricane Florence went through.
That’s why this whole lead generation thing has popped up.
So, many people out there and all these little Facebook groups and online with Facebook Ads saying, “Hey, we can generate storm leads”.
“We can generate leads $100. Exclusive leads.”
And I just think contractors need to know how easy it really is to do this.
I’m going to show you basically what these lead generation companies do.

So, what we’re gonna cover:

  • What Lead Generations Companies Actually Do
  • Landing Page Conversion Optimization Strategy
  • How To Get Wildly Effective Landing or Home Page Quick and Easy
  • Sending Targeted Traffic To The Page With PPC Ads
  • Facebook Ads To Conversion Page

In the next few minutes, you’ll have a solid understanding of how to capture storm and damage leads so you don’t have to hire a pricey agency.

Now, generating leads after a storm is incredibly easy!
That’s why I’m so shocked that people pay so much money for the leads.
Doesn’t matter if it’s hurricane, tornado, wind, fire, hail, flood, earthquake–
It all basically works the same.
So, how lead generation companies do it?
They basically do in this simple method.
They set up a quick and easy landing page and then they send traffic to that page with Facebook ads and Pay-Per-Click.
That’s the nutshell.
That’s basically what they do.
These lead generation agencies, as I mentioned charge $50 plus per lead.
I know you can do a lot better by doing it yourself.
Now you need a conversion optimized landing page, a page that’s going to capture leads and convert the traffic that you send to it.
At the bare bones, you need a phone number and contact form, your list of services–
It needs to look visually professional.
It needs to be mobile responsive so that it’s optimized on all devices and it needs to be trust-building.
Show the personal elements behind your brand and show trust icons.
Now, I’ve put together in a totally separate package from this–
The Home Pro Lead Machine Website Framework.
This shows a one-page website that’s simple and effective at capturing leads.
This would work somewhere near this video in the links below or back on the page–
I’m not exactly sure where this video will be shown but somewhere near where you watch this video, I’ll include a link to where you get this framework for free and you can take a look at the framework because it shows you just how simple and easily you can put together a conversion-optimized landing page.

Going on from there, you need to get traffic to the landing page.
That’s it.
You can run pay-per-click ads like this.
Use the service you’re targeting and call out the name of the storm and say “we’re ready to get to work”.
After storms, most contractors, the ones that have been in business for a while, turn their phones off.
I know I did after hurricane Irma.
Our phone lines were off for several months.
We weren’t taking any new projects.
Only way you could get to us was through email and having a referral to us.
And with that, we had more than enough work.
So, most of the large and established companies are going to be declining work.
Simply putting up a PPC ad like this, calling out your service, call out the name of the storm and say “we’re ready to get to work–we can get the job done”, some trust-building copy will work.
Send them to that landing page.
The users will convert.
This is incredibly simple.

And then from there, Facebook ads.
Here we go.
And I just put together using the home pro success Facebook account but boom.
Roof damage from the storm.
You could call out the name of it.
“We know how difficult it is”–So, identify with their pain point because they’re gonna have a difficult time finding service providers.
“We’re available.”–
Let them know you’ll call them back quickly because like I said, most of the large and established operations are not going to be able to return calls quickly.
If you can, people will call you and actually, even if you can’t, I will say they still will call you because they’re optimistic and hopeful that you can do it.
So, put this ad up just like this.
Show a picture of either the storm or the damaged it caused.
“Get a roof damage repair quote”–so, whatever service if you’re not doing roof damage.
I know in storms, most people are doing roof damage.


“Contact Us!”

Send them over to that landing page.
And that’s all there is to it.

So, we go back to the beginning.
Start out with a landing page.
That’s what the lead generation companies do.
And they’ll set up a landing page like my framework and they’ll set this up really quickly and easily.
You can, too.
Just a couple hours.
I actually do this using click funnels.
So, using click funnels to set up a landing page.
And then, you set up a pay-per-click ad–
Send them to the landing page.
Set up a Facebook Ad like what you see on the screen.
Send them to the landing page.
You will capture more storm, roofing leads than you can count doing this.
I guarantee and it will cost you a mere fraction than you will get these leads for dollars as opposed to dozens and dozens or dollars up above a hundred dollars.
There’s no reason to hire a lead generation company to generate storm damage or roofing leads right after a storm.

So, hope you guys find that valuable.

If you have questions, head on over to the Home Service Business Owners  and Managers Facebook group and put on by HomeProSuccess.
Drop your questions in there.
I’ll be happy to answer them for anything you have for this lead generation topic.


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