How To Handle Crappy Leads

by Corey Philip
May 1, 2019

“I know exactly what I want. My budget is whatever you charge. I just need a little push with a sales pitch”

That’s what we call a good lead.

The reality though, is that’s just a very small percentage of leads — it doesn’t matter what your lead source is (referrals included).

Take a look at this lead that came into my company by text message.

What would you do if you got a lead like this?


I just want prices.  I don’t want a conversation.  Text me.  That’s the best thing.

How many of these have you done in the last year?

They just want a number and not our pitch. Most contractors would agree this lead is a waste of time and qualify them out instantly.

I’ll agree it isn’t the best lead that I’ve ever gotten… but think about this; how many GOOD leads do you actually get?

I know my own sales team would probably say less then 5% of our leads are ‘good’…. Very few of our leads come in say “I know exactly what I want, my budget is whatever you want, I just need a little push with a sales pitch”.

So what do you do with the 95% of the leads that you’ve in someway spent advertising dollars to earn?

Tell them you’re not excepting any new work? Price yourself out and hang up quickly?

NO.  Quickly answer their questions and then go on to the next level stuff…

Savvy contractors get these leads into a hands off nurturing system that will put the differentiating content right in front of them.  Hit them on Facebook.  Stay in their inbox.

They’ll see what you do, establish a personal connection and come to know, like, and trust you.

Clients of The Connected Contractor Solution have seen that ‘disqualified leads’ can actually turn into a gold mine.  Sometimes, they’re just busy professionals (these can actually be good clients).  Maybe they just don’t like to BS around.  Maybe all of your competitors will disqualify them.  No, you’ll never sell every single one of them, but just throwing away these leads is a waste!

Take a look at the explainer video on the Connected Contractor page (link above).  You’ll get a solid understanding of how the blogging + email marketing + FB Ads process works these leads.  With a lot of motivation, your could diy…

But if your time is worth then about $15/hr and the frustration of ‘creating content’ and fiddling with software; schedule a 20 min call with me to discuss how it will fit into your business and get started with a 1 month free trial (offer valid as publishing date).

About the author

Corey Philip

Corey Philip is a small business owner / investor with a focus on home service businesses.

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