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HVAC Website Teardowns — 06.20.2018


In this video I tear down 3 random HVAC wesbites and explain what they are doing well, and what they could / should do better!

As I go through this video, you’ll likely find aways to improve your own websites!

[Update]: Since publishing I have put together a contractor website cheat sheet which shows which key elements I’ve found most effective to capturing leads for trades business website!  Get it here.

Key Take Aways:
[01:30] AVOID Stock imagery on your website! Use authentic images the reflect the day to operations and the people within in your business.

[02:40] If you’re going to use ‘offers’ make your offers clear so that customers understand what they are getting. Unclear offers such as a $39 tune up come off as gimmicky

[03:37] always check your HVAC website in mobile.

[04:02] Use a local phone number, and keep it visible.

[05:20] Keep the website modern to make an awesome first impressive.

[05:40] Avoid stock images — so that the images reflect homes in your area

[06:00] AN Image of the company truck goes a loooong.

[06:28] Pull reviews from online sources such as Google BBB Yelp. They are more credible than

[07:35] The responsive version of this website is create. The local phone number is visible and clickable.

[09:15] 2 websites give a different first impressions.

[09:30] Does the impression of the website reflect who is going to answer the phone.

[10:12] Use a headshot next to the phone number. This will radically increase your conversions.

[10:43] Stock images NOOOOOOOOO!

[10:56] Using images of the facility, the crew, the trucks would do wonders. People want to know who they are doing business with. They want to see evidence of an actual operations.

[12:00] Don’t just tell them you are ‘reliable & Skilled’. Show Them!

[12:45] keep blogging. Content marketing is valuable for hvac contractors.

[13:38] don’t have thin pages. I suggest putting your services on one page as opposed to lots of thin pages.

[14:40] Display blog posts on

[14:55] Take advantage of your about page.

[15:25] Always have a sticky click to call on your mobile websites. Mobile users don’t read or scroll heavily. Their attention span is short.

[15:50] Disclaimer, these reviews were not solicited and are conducted / published under fair use as they are critique / criticism. I do not have any insight into the actual performance of these hvac company websites.



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