I Drank Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee Every Day For 90 Days

by Corey Philip //  December 2, 2021

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Actually its been more than 90 days.

It entirely replaced any other coffees I have drank.

Nope I haven't died. I also haven't done anything amazing. But I still love it.  

There is something unique about the feeling it gives you compared to standard coffees.

Which Mushroom Coffee specifically am I talking about?

As of writing this in Decemeber 2021, there are many coffee offerings in the Four Sigmatic product line which kind of makes things confusing. Even pulling up their website knowing that there are multiple product lines makes it more confusing. Right now I am talking about the original Mushroom Coffee made by Four Sigmatic with Lions mane.

four sigmatic mushroom coffee with lions mane k cup

For simplicity, I use a Keurig and K-cups.

A quick word on price... it isn't lowest cost by comparison of regular coffees, but it is competitively pric

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How do you drink Mushroom Coffee?

With your mouth. haha.

Seriously though... Regardless of which type you go with it is easy to make. The simplest way is with the instant mix. Just mix it with some faucet hot water and stir. I have used the instant mix and found it to be 'weaker' in feeling compared to other methods.

There are K-cups for a Keurig (my current method). And you can also brew it just like regular coffee.

What makes Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee food for you (or at least better than coffee)?

Less Caffeine.

Caffeine is nasty drug. Research from the Mayo Clinic found it was associated with higher blood pressure for 2-3 hours after consumption. That's on top of the increased anxiety and insomnia issues it causes. While I'm not one to say "cancel caffeine" minimizing it is no doubt a good thing.

Here are some numbers... A keuring pod of Starbucks coffee has 130mg of caffeine. Mushroom coffee has 53 mg.

Mushroom coffee has about 50% less caffeine than most coffee brands. That's a substantial difference considering it achieves the same positive effects as caffeine for me.

Organic Chaga Mushroom (250mg) Chaga mushroom has been shown to positively impact immunity by stimulating white blood cells.

Organic Lions Mane Mushroom (250mg) Lions Mane is a nootropic; a compound that has a protective effect on the brain while supporting its natural cognitive function. It's supposed to make your brain a little sharper and protect you from dementia. If you want to read about the studies, here is a good write up on verywellmind.com.

What Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee Does For Me?

Damn I'm such a photographer.

You might notice something... there's ice in that glass. I actually often make it iced coffee -- iced mushroom coffee. No secret formula. I just make it hot, with a K-cup, then put ice in the glass, and then poor in the hot coffee. Very important to put the ice in the glass first, pouring hot coffee into the glass (without the ice) will make it crack.

Mental clarity. It gives you that caffeine clarity that helps you focus on work and making critical decisions. Personally I think it feels strong than with standard coffees... but maybe it's just placebo. Either way, if I am going to be drinking a coffee I'd prefer one that gives me some kind of effect with less caffeine. So it's a win.

Good Taste. It tastes a little different than coffee. But if you crave the bitter taste of coffee, you'll love this one. I don't know how to describe the taste with words, so I will just say it is smoother.

Less Jitters. Strong standard coffee makes you jittery and and jumping bean like. Perhaps it is the less caffeine in this blend, but I feel different.

Able to Sleep at night. I love my sleep. I need a full 7-8 hours. I think it is imperative to having a solid mentality every day. Quite frankly I think all of the 'sleep less' trending people are just plain stupid.

Needless to say, I don't want a coffee that impacts my sleep. While I wouldn't drink mushroom coffee right before bed, I do find that I can drink it later into the evening without having sleep issues. With regular coffees I find that I need to stop drinking before 2pm if I want to sleep good. With Mushroom Coffee I have gone as late at 6pm, without sleep issue.

Better for my stomach. I think that is the formal way of saying "I shit less".

I don't the science behind it but as soon as most coffees hit my stomach I feel a strong onset... that makes me want to run to the bathroom. And once it is out, it doesn't end there. The disgruntled gut feeling lingers allllll day. That's a problem. It really kills my run. I'm a big runner and run daily. The last thing I want to be feeling is Coffee gut. That's a metaphor for whatever you call the feeling in your gut after coffee -- it's not a stomach ache, it's not a pain, it's coffee gut.

Apparently this has to do with a substantial reduction in the acidity in Mushroom Coffee over other coffees.

Give it a try & let me know!

Order up some Mushroom Coffee By Four Sigmatic.  Try it out and let me know what you think about it in the comments below! 

>>> K-cups 
>>> Instant Coffee Packets
>>> Coffee Grounds
>>> My $60 Keurig on Amazon

Or if you have already tried it... let me know in the comments!

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