10 Best LLC Formation Services of 2023 Launch Your LLC in Less Than 10 Minutes

Looking to start an LLC? Compare the best value LLC filing services with the top filing speeds. Protect your personal assets from liabilities and keep your business compliant.

  • Updated March 2023
Top LLC Choice



ZenBusiness - Exceptional service for fast & easy business formation with expert support and 100% accuracy guarantee.

  • LLC starts at $0 + state fees
  • Trusted & affordable LLC service with fast filingspeeds
  • Registered agent & worry free compliance service
  • 100% Accuracy Guarantee
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TailorBrands - Leading LLC formation service with an outstanding selection of business services.

  • LLC bundle starts at $49 + state fee
  • Everything you need to run your business in one place
  • LLC, EIN, registered agent, permits & business documents
  • 24/7 premium support



Northwest Registered Agent - Established LLC filing service offering free 1st year registered agent service and business support.

  • LLC filing starts at $39 (+state fees)
  • Free 1st year registered agent service
  • Exceptional multiple-states Registered Agent service
  • Convenient option to register a foreign Entity



IncFile - Affordable LLC formation services with excellent customer support.

  • LLC filing starts at $0 (+state fees)
  • Free 1st year registered agent service
  • Launched +800,000 businesses since 2004
  • Launched +800,000 businesses since 2004


Very Good

SwyftFilings - LLC and corporation filings services with fast turnaround times.

  • LLC filing starts at $49 (+state fees)
  • Personal business specialist & free tax consultation
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Best value Standard Package - all essentials to launch your business



RocketLawyer - Easy access to legal documents and legal services.

  • Free incorporation with the purchase of a registered agent service
  • Unlimited access to legal documents library
  • 2+ million businesses served since 2008
  • Accredited by the Better Business Bureau



IncAuthority - More than 20 years of experience as an LLC & corporation formation specialist.

  • As low as $0 + state fees
  • Free 1st year registered agent service
  • Dedicated support from expert business coaches
  • Tax Consulting, EIN, website domain, business funding and credit services

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an LLC?

LLC stands for Limited Liability Company and was first accepted as an authorized legal business entity in the late 1970s in Wyoming. Since then, it is recognized in every state and has become one the most popular business structures for SMBs primarily because of its liability protection.

In which state should I register my LLC?

LLC stands for Limited Liability Company and was first accepted as an authorized legal business entity in the late 1970s in Wyoming. Since then, it is recognized in every state and has become one the most popular business structures for SMBs primarily because of its liability protection.

What are the LLC tax implications?

LLC stands for Limited Liability Company and was first accepted as an authorized legal business entity in the late 1970s in Wyoming. Since then, it is recognized in every state and has become one the most popular business structures for SMBs primarily because of its liability protection.

LLC benefits

LLC offers business owners the simplicity of a general partnership in terms of formalities and taxes, yet with the personal protection and shield against company debts and liabilities of a corporation. Otherwise, you could be held personally responsible for the mistakes your business might make.

Another huge benefit of forming an LLC is its flexibility. You get to choose whether you want to be managed as a partnership (member-managed LLC) or as a corporation (manager-managed LLC) with all its formalities, such as a board of directors and annual meetings and you can also turned into a corporation down the road if the business takes that direction.

You also get to elect how your LLC will be taxed by the IRS; as a sole proprietorship (single-member LLC), as a partnership (multi-member LLC) or as a corporation. You also have the option to file your LLC as an S corporation which might have tax advantages as it allows business owners to split their income between their distribution as a partner and their status as an employee.

Why use an online formation service to form my LLC?

Online formation services offer a fast and cost-effective solution to forming a business. These filing services and industry experts offer all the services you would need to start and run your business, such as preparation and filing of LLCs and corporations, business licenses, legal documents, compliance, EIN, and registered agent services, all in one place, for an affordable price.

With online LLC filing services forming your business is a quick, straightforward, and smooth process. Forming your LLC and launching your business is no longer a complicated, lengthy, and expensive process when you leave it to these industry professionals to do the work for you. The top services also offer very knowledgeable chat support.

Professional services can also help you expedite your LLC registration. If it’s important for you to start your business fast and with minimal effort, ZenBusiness offers expedited filing including banking resolution in their Pro package for $199 + state fees. Their pro package includes everything you need to launch your business.

LLC filing services top packages

Here is a list of selected packages offered by different filings services in all 50 US states. Including IncFile, Swyft Filings, Legal Zoom and Active Filings.

ZenBusiness review – LLC filing service

ZenBusiness offers their Pro package for $199 (+state fees). The Pro package includes everything you need in order to launch your business. (i.e. EIN, Operating Agreement, and Banking Resolution to name a few).

ZenBusiness also offer a cheaper package for just $49 (Not including state fees). Read the full ZenBusiness review.

Incfile review – LLC filing service

Incfile offers their Silver package for free (+state fees). The Silver package doesn’t include everything your business needs in order to operate (i.e. EIN, Operating Agreement, and Banking Resolution to name a few), but it includes the preparation and filling of the Articles of Organization and a free registered agent service for a year.

Swyft Filings review – LLC filing service

Swyft Filings offers their standard package for just $149 (+state fees) which includes preparation and filling of the Articles of Organization, Document Filing with the Secretary of State, Statement of the Organizer, EIN, Custom LLC Operating Agreement, Custom LLC Banking Resolution, Electronic Delivery of State Documents and more. We highly recommend this package to get your LLC business fully operational and compliant.

LegalZoom review – LegalZoom register llc filing service

Legal Zoom LLC offers their registered agent service @ $249/year. We find this rate to by very pricy. LegalZoom register llc service packages are also quite pricy. They also offer their Operating Agreement, EIN and Business Licenses package @ $199 which is quite costly for what the package includes. All in all, we find the Legal Zoom LLC filing service and packages to be expensive compared to what their competitors offer. We don’t have any valid LegalZoom promo code that we can share.

Active Filings review – LLC filing service

Active Filings advertise their Sprinter package for $100 (+state fees). When we selected this package with the option to incorporate an LLC in California, the total filing price increased to $580. As the state fee in CA is only $70, we are not sure what counts for the difference of $410 they are charging. We reached out to Active Filings support to inquire on their pricing structure and we will include an update when we hear back from them.

Here is the updated response from Active Filings LLC support team:

“The standard filing in California does cost $70 (plus $20 for the Initial Report). However, the Sprinter Package includes expedited filing service, for a 2-3 day processing time. If you do not want to pay the additional cost for expedited service, you can downgrade to the Starter Package. “

Domestic LLC vs. Foreign LLC

A domestic LLC means you file in your state of residence and you do business mainly in that state. This is the most common and cost-effective scenario. A foreign LLC is used when you have filed papers in one state, and you have a physical facility or storefront in another state.

In order to do business in that second state, you need to file a foreign LLC. Foreign LLCs tend to cost more and require a registered agent. Conversely, if you file for an LLC in another state for some reason, and you do business in your home state, you will have to file a foreign LLC in your home state in order to do business there.

How to form an LLC – the easiest and fastest way to form your LLC

Starting your LLC is super easy and fast when you choose one of our recommended professional services!

  • Select one of the top LLC formation services on our list above.
    1. Fill in your company name and address
    2. Pay for the filing service (and possible add-ons such as EIN, Operating Agreement, expedited filing service, etc…) + state LLC fees

    Delaware LLC

    Over 50% of U.S. publicly traded corporations are incorporated in Delaware and many LLCs are filed there as well. Delaware, known as a tax haven and holds a reputation as the most business-friendly state in the U.S, is a very popular choice because it does not tax out-of-state income, it has low filing fees and it has a special Chancery Court that handles business matters.

    That being said, there is still the matter of an extra state’s filing fees and hiring a registered agent. There are more advantages for corporations to file in Delaware than LLCs, but it depends on your particular situation. Remember the domestic vs foreign LLC requirements as you will be paying fees in both states if you do not reside in Delaware. The LLC Annual state fee in Delaware (DE) is $300 (every year). State filing fee in Delaware (DE) is $100.

    LLC Filing services – Promo codes

    Can you find special deals and promo codes for filing services? Some filing services might add a promotional price for some of their features from time to time and we do our best efforts to keep the best offers for our audience. For example, ZenBusiness might offer a discount on their registered agent service for the first year. We couldn’t find any offers for LegalZoom promo code for the LegalZoom register llc and I don’t think that it’s worth it to wait for a promo code to save a few bucks when you are in the process of starting a business. Our top LegalZoom alternatives: 1. ZenBusiness. 2. TailorBrands. 3. IncFile.

    LLC Taxes

    The LLC entity doesn’t pay taxes on business income. The members of the LLC need to pay taxes on their share of the profits. State or local governments might levy additional LLC taxes. Members of the LLC can choose for the LLC to be taxed as a corporation instead of a pass-through entity.