Landing Pages in Email Marketing: Convert More Click-Throughs and Collect More Leads

by Corey Philip
October 20, 2019

Nowadays,marketing your products and services using social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and more is so easy, that it comes pretty naturally. You can use them anywhere, at any time as long as you're connected to the Internet. And instead of sending direct mails for your product advertisements through the postal service, you can now easily send them electronically via the Internet. This is where email marketing comes in.

Unfortunately, not everybody gets great results even when they promote their products through email marketing. It might be because the ads aren't really that relevant to the people who see it. Instead of sending lots of emails to random people's email addresses, you should try to integrating a landing page in your marketing process.

A landing page is a designated page you land on when you click an ad or URL. It might sound simple, but it is an important factor in any online marketing campaign. They are built differently than your main website to give the visitor a specific goal in mind. Its primary purpose is to guide the visitor to do a particular action by focusing on the call-to-action button. It is often linked to social media sites, search engines, marketing, and email campaigns in order to improve the effectiveness of the advertisements.

But how do landing pages help you with email marketing? How does they boost your site visits? And how can you connect to new customers with the help of the landing page?

That's a lot of questions! If you are not familiar with landing pages, then the following will explain how you can use landing pages with email marketing.

How to Use a Landing Page with Email Marketing


Easily share your landing page.

After creating your landing page, you can grab the URL of the website and share it with any social media sites you can access. Also, try creating social media ads that you can publish together with your landing page. It'll be easier for you to promote your products and services with this.


Landing pages will lead your visitor to the right place.

 After creating your landing page, you can grab the URL of the website and share it with any social media sites you can access. Also, try creating social media ads that you can publish together with your landing page. It'll be easier for you to promote your products and services with this.

But make sure to only request for the visitor's email address or name. Anything more than that might lower the possibilities that they will complete and submit their information. And try to avoid putting unnecessary information on your landing page.

TIP # 1


Get the email address of a visitor.

Once the person has signed up, you have now gathered their email address that you can add to your email list. This can help you automate the content of your letter to save time and select targeted emails to send your proposed products and services. 

Also, don't forget to send a welcome email once a new visitor has signed up. You need to create a great first impression, so try to let them know about your business and what will they received after they have signed up.

TIP # 2


Send emails to your subscriber.

Having people subscribe to your email list might be easy, but keeping them is the real challenge. Once they are subscribed, you need to make them feel secure and welcome. Don't just send emails that focus on selling products. Send what they could be interested in. Keep your emails clear and relevant, and let them know the advantages of staying subscribed to your website.


Build trust.

Getting the trust of your customers to purchase a product on your business can be a bit difficult at first. But if you give them the assurance that you and your website are trust-worthy, then this wouldn't be a problem at all. By emailing them things like the contact details of your business or positive reviews and testimonials, you can lower their suspicions that your site might be a scam. You also need to convince them that your offers are worth the price and your products are worth buying.

Know what your visitor wants. You need to understand and know why a visitor signed up on your website in the first place. Is it because of the products? Or maybe because of the huge discount you offered? Make sure you identify it so you can optimize your email content. Try using a heatmap—it will help you know where most of your visitors click, how far they scrolled down the page, what they looked at, and what they ignored.

TIP # 3

Creating a Landing Page

With landing pages, you can win contacts for future marketing opportunities or promote a specific product or service because the webpage is intended to direct the visitor on what they should do. If you want to learn how to create a landing page, check out the video below. It shows you how to make one using MailChimp. Just  remember to keep your page and form short but clear to help you increase your conversion rate. 

Testing Your Landing Page

But things don't end at creating your landing page and integrating it with your email marketing campaign! You should always test it.

Testing will help improve your landing page over time. Don't worry, because this is easy. You just need to check your landing page from time to time, so you can see what elements you need to change or what information you need to update, to give your visitors a great experience when they visit your page. And with the help of testing, you can improve your landing page so it's up-to-date with the latest trends.

In Conclusion

Email marketing and landing pages are a perfect match to boost your business. But always remember that not all landing pages convert equally. If you want the best results, try to research other methods that can optimize your landing page for a greater percentage of conversions—like how to properly design the webpage, and what information to use. Just keep everything simple but very interesting, so that your visitors will subscribe to you. And always keep them updated about your new products and services, and what other advantages you can offer!

About the author

Corey Philip

Corey Philip is a small business owner / investor with a focus on home service businesses.

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