MailerLite: First Look at the New Stripe Integration

by Corey Philip
November 3, 2020

4 Things You Can Do with the Stripe Integration

1 Easy Guide to Installing the Stripe Integration

Mailerlite has been one of our recommended email marketing tools for those that have done any email marketing or those that are overwhelmed with more 'bloated' marketing tools like ActiveCampaign or SendinBlue.  

Mailerlite's team continues to develop the product, so when we heard they were releasing a new stripe integration, we had to check it out.  

Stripe: Easy Online Transactions Made Easier

Nowadays, convenient and flexible integrations in existing tools are at the frontier of digital advancements. Stripe is an end-to-end and cloud-based payment platform that can make shopping more secure, more convenient, and more exciting. It can help your e-commerce thrive as it has very loyal users who prefer it over other payment platforms.

Stripe’s payment engine provides robust features that streamline business transactions and integrate with other apps to organize essential data. As for the cloud-based system, Stripe continuously aims to prevent fraud and improve its security so users will have no problem entering their card details when shopping. 

As Stripe consistently improves its services, it has become a popular choice for a one-stop-shop solution. With it, users can efficiently process, settle, manage, and accept payments. As an e-commerce owner, Stripe is a must-have tool! 

Here’s a quick rundown of Stripe’s features.

  • Financial reporting
  • Authorization
  • Payment options
  • Invoicing
  • Roles and permissions
  • Embeddable checkouts
  • Unified payouts
  • Consolidated reports
  • Open source plugin
  • Mobile customer interface
  • Multicurrency payouts
  • Payout timing
  • Custom UI toolkit

How to Integrate Stripe with MailerLite?

The primary purpose of the new Stripe integration in MailerLite is to encourage hassle-free and faster transactions between the customer and the business for digital products and subscription services. You can install it like any other plugins you may encounter.

  1. Under Integrations, select Stripe.

  2. Select the “Connect with Stripe” button. 

  3. Fill up the form that appears.

  4. Click "Authorize access to this account."

After successfully installing the Stripe integration, the next step is to configure it. Here’s how. 

  • Under the Stripe payments, click on the settings and select the MailerLite add-on.

  • Select the tab “MailerLite” and enable the checkbox for the MailerLite integration. 

  • When asked for your MailerLite API Key, check your MailerLite account and enter it. 

  • Finalize the settings by clicking on the “save changes” button.  

Once this process is done, you can identify which group of products will collect customers’ information, which can be done on your Stripe dashboard.

  1. Under the Stripe menu, click on Products. 

  2. At this step, you can edit products that are added to the MailerLite group. These MailerLite groups will collect the customer’s details after purchase. Later on, this information will be forwarded to an email marketing software, in this case, MailerLite. 

  3. When you see a section called MailerLite on the bottom of the product page, you can now identify the MailerLite group name that customers have signed up for after purchasing a product. Be careful that the group name reflects the name of your MailerLite account with no spaces. 

  4. Don’t forget to click the update button and conduct a test transaction. The test transaction will determine if the customer’s information is forwarded to the appropriate MailerLite group. 

By completing all of these steps, you and your customers can now enjoy the beauty of convenient, quick, and safe transactions for a shopping experience beyond comparison.

Other Things You Can Do with the New Stripe Integration

Set Up Your Purchasing Options

The Stripe integration has two purchasing options for digital products and services. One is the one-time purchase, which is good for payments that will happen only once (OF COURSE). The second is the recurring purchase, which you can use with memberships or subscriptions.

If you also have the SitesPro add-on, you can set up landing pages that can include purchase blocks. There are specific blocks for one-time purchases and recurring purchases found in the drag-and-drop editor. Since your MailerLite account is already integrated with Stripe, your product list will automatically appear so you can set which one will show up within the content block.

Once you're done setting up your landing page, you can then set what will happen after the purchase. You can add the customer to one of your subscriber groups or save their purchase information. Next, you can then set up their post-purchase email all within MailerLite.

Manage product details

Your products should be set up within the Stripe Dashboard. From there, you can add new ones or update old ones. You don't have to worry about updating any of the landing pages you have made in MailerLite, as the integration will auto-populate the details for you as long as you made the changes in the Stripe Dashboard.

Track customers

Of course, you'd want to figure out who's purchasing what on your MailerLite landing pages. MailerLite has reports  that show data on one-time purchases and recurring subscriptions. You get a record of customer's activities, including when they were last active, what their email address is, when they started their subscription, when they cancelled, and more. This can be used to figure out how you can improve your sales strategies and what other incentives you can offer.

Final Words

For a business to thrive, it must be at the frontier of technological advancements instead of just riding the wave. With the emergence of emails as one of the primary communication methods, it only fits that organizations jive with these changes. 

MailerLite offers simple yet compelling features for email marketing. With its comfortable and intuitive drag-and-drop creator, users can create campaigns to reach and connect with prospects. MailerLite also has email automation for systematic and responsive actions that will increase customer engagement and retention to the products, services, and organization. 

With its capacity to integrate with Stripe, it makes shopping more accessible, safer, and hassle-free. At the same time, gathering leads and growing an organization’s email list has never been easier. 

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Corey Philip is a small business owner / investor with a focus on home service businesses.

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