My FiFine K669 Mic Test & Review (I Bought One)

by Corey Philip //  February 3, 2022

It was only $30.

And the reviews were great.

And its compact size would fit nicely on a gooseneck microphone stand just above my keyboard, but out of sight of my webcam.  So I had to give it a try.  

Here's the two products in use:

👉 Fifine K669 Microphone: Check Current Price on Amazon

👉 Gooseneck Desktop Stand: Check Current Price on Amazon (very important for placement)

The short -- I was very impressed with the Fifine k669 microphone.  The audio quality is pretty damn good.  Certainly the best you will find until you get up to the $100 price point.

As with any microphone, placement is very important.  The little stand that comes with the microphone itself is basically ineffective at getting the microphone into a good spot.  For that reason I recommend using a gooseneck mount which can be had for less than $20.  

Alternatively if you don't want to buy the gooseneck or want to keep it 'simple and minimal', the Fifine K054 is a gooseneck microphone for $20 which is pretty damn good.  You can check out my test with that microphone here in my video on Best Microphones for Zoom less than $50.

Really the only complaint I have about the K669 is that the cable is not detachable.  So when threading it onto a mount you have to move the cable with it.  Just a minor inconvenience.  

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