One Week Into New FB Lead Campaign

by yogesh
February 24, 2018

I know there are some home service lurkers in here.

I own a few home service companies, and love fb ads. I generally prefer to send them to my website to capture a lead by phone or contact form; but last sunday I decided to throw together a lead gen campaign on Facebook.

I’m capturing service selection, name, address, email, phone AND property address. Quite a bit.

So far the campaign is doing pretty well, with $17 conversion. That’s on projects upwards of $3,000. Often well above it. The ads pretty low quality. Just me on a job site talking about it. No call to actions. No encouragement to take action. No vid editing. Hopefully this week I can shoot some new video, and I believe capture far more at a lower cost.

Also the ‘service selection’ drop down is likely hampering conversions. Even when i was testing the form, I was getting an error on submit, and it took me a few minutes to figure out I was missing that selection as the error is displayed above the users visible region on nearly all monitors. No doubt many users are as well, and then just closing form. I might relocate it to the bottom of the form — getting rid of that selection is not an option as I will get too many bs inquiries.

The big question? Audience. All website traffic (30 days), that is within our service area. Exclude: those that are already in sales process.

LMK if you’ve got questions, on the home service space!

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