February 24

#34: The Value and Power of Having an Org Chart With Mike Nicolai


Contractor Momentum
Contractor Momentum
#34: The Value and Power of Having an Org Chart With Mike Nicolai

How An Org Chart

In this episode, our special guest is Mike Nicolai of Triton Air. Triton Air is a family-owned HVAC business in Southern California run by Mr. Nicolai himself. Mike and I talk about organizational charts and how these could help your company grow.

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/896216427196514/

Mike’s Org Chart: https://acumenfirm.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/hvac-org-chart-from-podcast.jpg

Mike’s Company site: https://www.tritonair.com/


Here’s what we got to cover:

0:30 A brief overview of Triton Air

  • What’s it like operating with a staff of 45 people and 25 vehicles on the road
  • Generating over $9.4 million in annual revenue
  • How a partnership with Costco opened more opportunities for the company

4:50 People first, profits follow

  • Why partnerships are strongest when you work with people whose core philosophies align with your own
  • Getting Triton Air recognized as a Costco HVAC contractor
  • Growing by 70% and reaching an even broader audience for their marketing and promotional campaign
  • The value of having one or more lead source

11:40 Having an org chart posted in your office

  • Having clients are actually on top of the org chart hierarchy, and why you should do the same
  • The importance of expanding your org chart with your company

19:00 The impact of the org chart on Triton Air’s staff

  • Providing staff a feeling of comfort by showing a clearer structure compared to a disorganized mess
  • Creating a reference point for employees and giving them room for growth regardless of their primary role
  • How to keep people from losing hope or motivation by recognizing their worth

22:30 Communicating ideas with your staff

  • Why showing your staff images or diagrams of your ideas are more effective

24:00 Finding valuable skills outside of primary roles

  • Capitalizing on your staff’s work experience by offering them better positions

34:00 Wrapping up

  • What you can do to provide a clear path for personal growth as employees.

35:20 How to get started

  • Starting out with bubbles
  • Avoiding stretching yourself thin
  • Importance of putting part-timers in your org chart

We hope these insights will help you create an effective org chart that will help your company grow!


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