April 9

#37: The Path To Millions Through Franchising and Advertising With Chris Carey


Contractor Momentum
Contractor Momentum
#37: The Path To Millions Through Franchising and Advertising With Chris Carey

Our special guest for this week’s podcast is Chris Carey. He is the president of Windows Direct USA, a Window and Door Company based in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. During their first year of operations, they almost went out of business. But those challenges did not hold him back—he created his very own secret formula to success. His hard work definitely paid off, because fast forward to 4 years later, his company is now making 7-digit figures! Check out his experiences with franchising, advertising, and more.

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Here’s what we discussed:

00:12 Last week’s episode recap

00:52 Introducing Chris Carey of Windows Direct USA

05:35 Chris’s first move after quitting his job in 2014

  • How newspaper ads almost put him out of business
  • Why he didn’t pay himself in his first year
  • Dealing with only having around $6800 in profit during the first year

09:44 The company’s transformation 4 years later

  • Making $7.1 million in 2019
  • Why the highway exposure and traffic of his first base wasn’t worth the premium it cost

14:26 About having to break lease

  • How to initiate breaking lease
  • The costs associated

17:26 Franchising for company growth

  • Making over a million dollars in the first year out of the first franchise location
  • Working with an owner who had no industry experience
  • The laws, legalese and risks in relation to franchising
  • Why you shouldn’t have to figure these things out alone,
  • The people who can help you

26:25 How to get the leads coming in

  • Getting 1.7 million direct mail pieces every month
  • How TV ads can push people online
  • Ad placement and it’s critical importance over frequency
  • How his ads look and why they look like that

40:56 Return on investment with TV ads

  • Why TV was the hardest thing they had to try
  • Knowing exactly what to spend on marketing to reach his goals

Chris Carey’s insights aren’t just applicable to Windows Direct USA—you can be use them to create an actionable plan for your own trades business. Try them out so you can be on your way to making your first million as well!


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