July 6

#42: 3 Questions That Reveal Motivated Tradesman | Tanner Mullen


Contractor Momentum
Contractor Momentum
#42: 3 Questions That Reveal Motivated Tradesman | Tanner Mullen

Joining us on the podcast in this episode is Tanner Mullen, the owner of Premium Painting in Ocala, Florida. His company does interior and exterior painting with a team comprised of 10 employees. From sending a bigger team out on the field to using Google Forms as a critical part of recruitment to filter out applicants, he details how his company is run and being grown with an employee-focused philosophy.

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01:27 Overview of Tanner Mullen and Premium Painting

  • Background of the company
  • How he started with no experience
  • Personal history of getting into the business
  • Starting from exterior-only painting services to doing both interior and exterior work

05:15 Advantages in sending bigger teams to work

  • Why he sends out a team of 4-5 people on a project
  • Effects of bigger teams to customer experience and employee morale
  • Benefits of having bigger teams
  • How the bulk of the work is divided among the team
  • How he uses this as a selling point to customers

09:14 Structure of compensation

  • Different roles in the company and in each crew
  • Range of compensation
  • Possible future roles and salaried positions

12:10 Building a loyal team

  • His philosophy as an employee-focused company
  • How he pulls in good applicants and filters out the bad through job ads
  • Best 3 platforms for posting job ads

16:01 Creating a form to filter out applicants

  • What’s in the form and what he looks for
  • Why he doesn’t ask for a resumé

17:25 3 simple questions that help him decide which applicants to employ

  • Best questions that show the type of people the applicants are
  • How to read into answers to determine if a person is the type of employee you want

20:23 His experience with using Google Forms as a major part of recruitment

  • How many people he hired vs. the number of people who filled out the form
  • Why he hires even when he doesn’t need to
  • His process after going through the form responses

24:13 Using Facebook’s hiring system

28:22 Quick overview of my process in hiring

  • Step-by-step of my own process
  • What applicants go through from application to working on-site
  • What we specifically look for

31:41 Where Tanner Mullen sees his company in the future

  • Plans for the next couple of years
  • Why he plans to grow slowly

Tanner runs quite a unique process both in recruiting and working – his use of Google Forms instead of asking for resumés and sending bigger teams out on a project. Even I have picked up something as we’re starting to roll out job posts on Facebook.

If you got something from this episode, leave us a review wherever you listen to podcasts, and let’s continue this discussion on the Facebook group.


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