July 15

#43: Buying a Newspaper for Advertising | Tom Lopatosky


Contractor Momentum
Contractor Momentum
#43: Buying a Newspaper for Advertising | Tom Lopatosky

Tom Lopatosky of Lopco Contracting is a recurring guest on the podcast. In this episode, we start where we left off, specifically the effects Covid-19 has had in his business. Then we hit it off with a discussion of different offline marketing he’s done since our last conversation – getting a deal for a local tv feature and more importantly, buying a newspaper for advertising.

Moreover, we talk about the numbers he looks for in his business to measure the management and efficiency of his business.

Here’s what we discussed:

01:50 How Tom’s business is doing since Covid-19 hit

  • How his company got a boost when Covid-19 hit
  • Factors that contributed to that boost

06:10 What Lopco Contracting does

  • The scope of work that Lopco Contracting offers
  • List of services

07:30 Initial concerns and opportunities in marketing during a crisis

  • Why having a backlog prevented Tom from having huge problems early on in the crisis
  • Why he didn’t stop his company’s marketing

11:23 A deal he got during the crisis

  • How he got a spot for a local tv feature

13:12 Buying a magazine publication as another form of marketing

  • Why this acquisition has proven important for his company and its relation to direct mail
  • His experience running home service columns on the paper/publication over the years
  • How he came about to acquiring the publication
  • How the publication (magazine) works, what it looks like, and how often it sends out
  • Types of content that he runs in the publication

19:35 Other means of offline marketing

  • Other direct mail opportunities that Tom considers
  • Other offline marketing he does in radio, tv, newsletters, and newspaper

21:19 Online marketing

  • Online marketing strategies that he does

21:55 Community involvement projects

  • Local non-profit they work with
  • When and how community projects are conceptualized

23:42 Biggest learning about business

  • Importance of gross margin
  • Examples of problems that affect your gross margin

30:18 2 best takeaways

  • The best learnings from mistakes in business are expensive
  • Having a good nurturing system

You can download The Scalable Method resources (framework + video) here: https://mdm.contractormomentum.com/get-the-scalable-method?fb2277&fbclid=IwAR3XUd9Fn1z9tX3Q5CAGNvMnvJL8v2dclVgmR_c6nES3EqERDp327xJWo2I


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