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HPS023: Dispatch Mastery Secrets – Getting The Right Techs On The Right Opportunities


Contractor Momentum
Contractor Momentum
HPS023: Dispatch Mastery Secrets – Getting The Right Techs On The Right Opportunities

Organizing and keeping up a dispatch calendar is a big ordeal for service businesses. However, the rewards are great when you finally figure out a way around it, build a system, and make it work for you.

In this episode, I talk to someone with a lot of experience with it, Tommy Mello. He operates a large company with over $40 million in revenue each year — A1 Garage Door. He has a big CSR and dispatch team working under him, and we get into the nitty gritty about every aspect of his system.

Listen as we discuss these topics:

1:47 Business background run-down

  • How he started as a small company

2:53 Beginner mistakes

  • Things he did not do right in the beginning

3:57 How he turned things around in terms of hiring and managing people

  • What happened that made him fix up the people and the system

5:14 The process of transforming your business after discovering the loopholes

  • How he made the switch
  • What he did differently in every aspect of his business (financial status, employees, etc.)

6:57 Lessons from Profit First by Mike Michalowicz

  • How he applies Parkinson’s Law or “pay yourself first” concept
  • A different perspective on money

8:33 Where his company is located

  • Area, location, and market

9:04 Tips for getting big in the local market

  • How to grow in the location that you operate in

11:02 The struggles of serving 12 states with 20 markets

  • What goes on in having a warehouse that people don’t realize

12:32 Big mistakes he made about having a warehouse and the solutions

  • Cost of carrying his own inventory
  • Discovering how to outsource some tasks to other companies

15:30 Trucks

  • How many it takes to deliver his services
  • Types of trucks that Tommy has for the company
  • Types of trucks that he gets for company’s use

16:35 Why taking ownership of your failures is important as a business owner

17:42 His CSR system

  • How he runs his own call center for his business

19:19 System for outsourcing calls

  • The different levels of people who takes calls
  • What he pays people to take calls

20:33 Compensation for CSR people

  • Structure for payment for CSR people

22:51 What calls Tommy considers an opportunity

23:46 Why it’s better to have a local phone number

  • How Tommy maximizes a local phone number for micro-targeting communities

26:06 How booking through calls work for Tommy’s business

27:03 How dispatches differ from the CSR people

  • What the dispatcher’s job is
  • How jobs are optimized

28:22 How dispatchers get paid

  • What factors affect how much the dispatchers’ payment

29:46 How dispatchers determine the hierarchy of priorities

  • Figuring out what types of service calls are priorities

31:16 How the service technicians are matched up with the priority jobs set

  • Who are given the best opportunities

32:44 Tommy’s 8-step sales process

  • How to control the interaction with potential customers to end in a sale

34:32 The process of booking through calls

  • Step-by-step from CSRs taking calls and booking jobs to dispatchers delegating the priorities

36:11 Timeline from the booking to the service

  • Amount of window times for every step in the booking process

37:49 How to determine the route for each day

  • How to reduce route time
  • How to utilize the routes

38:49 Hierarchy of technician positions within Tommy’s company

  • Program of having field supervisors with teams of technicians

39:50 Training

  • Internal activities and practices for constant learning within the whole team and small local crews

40:45 Systems for learning and education

  • Plans for constant and continuous learning
  • How they train people within the company
  • How the team is trained to promote the services and advertise its benefits

45:59 How to contact Tommy Mello


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