August 18

HPS024: Firsthand Experiences Finding And Working With Commercial Clients


Jeff Juchnowicz, the owner of Terra Garden Solutions, works mainly with commercial clients — property managers and lawn companies. As much as it takes such a big risk to deal with large-scale projects and work on big communities, Jeff has found the system that works for his company so that they can accommodate both residential and commercial routes.

In this podcast, we focus mainly on the “how” of things when it comes to dealing with commercial clients. How that kind of system operates, how the employees are situated, how to find these accounts, and how to deal with the risks and disadvantages of this business, among many other topics.

We also touch on some topics about how he balances these large-scale projects with residential jobs like service calls and residential work.

These are what we talked about:

2:15 Business of Terra Garden Solutions

  • What is Terra Garden Solutions

  • What exactly is Terra Garden Solutions doing

3:35 What or who Terra Garden Solutions works with

4:24 Background of the business

  • How the business started

  • How Jeff acquired the business

  • How it started expanding

6:45 How Commercial Work Operates

  • How Jeff’s commercial clients grew

  • How he targets people and expands the business

8:38 How the company is divided: commercial clients vs. residential clients

9:46 Where Terra Garden Solutions operates

  • What areas and places the company covers

10:34 Competitors

  • How many competitors operate in the same area

  • How they differ in terms of their market

11:35 Operations

  • Why Jeff prefers residential work

  • Risks & disadvantages of big commercial work

14:00 Problems with commercial work 

  • How Jeff handles employees to maintain the company’s quality of work

15:40 Dealing with property managers

  • How to achieve the balance where both sides are considered

  • Adapting to change

16:29 Risks of the industry that deals with a large company or a large community

  • How to adapt to change and the criticisms

  • How Jeff handles the lines of communication of his company and responds with quick action

18:14 Handling mistakes and mishaps

  • An example of his company’s latest miscommunication problem within the team

  • How he handled the mistake

  • Steps to handling mistakes

  • Dealing with internal employees and positive communication with clients

20:48 Contracts

  • How an ongoing contract works

21:21 How to get commercial accounts

  • Acquiring accounts when you have a finite amount of property managers

  • The hustle of acquiring clients

  • How to show to people that you know how to do the job

  • Choosing people to work for

  • Building short-term and long-term relationships

  • How to show the value that your company can provide for potential clients

24:58 Efforted marketing techniques to get clients

  • Using Facebook

  • Connecting with mutual friends

  • Making a list of people you’re targeting

26:41 Relationship marketing 

  • How to spread the word about your company to people who have no idea about it, don’t know that they need it, or already have a man doing the service for them

  • Staying in touch with potential market

  • Approaching the target market

  • How to show what you can do without putting down competitors

29:16 Residential clients

  • How the large community projects affect the residential clients

  • How the company is divided between residential routes and commercial routes

  • Delegating the 2 kinds of work to his crew and team

31:01 How the residential work is like a different company on its own

  • The system for letting another person handle residential routes

32:12 The system of letting the other person handle the residential accounts

  • Handling the clients when you handle different types of grass

34:35 Route optimization systems

  • Systems to increase efficiency without using external applications

  • Clustered work

36:31 Advice for working with a constant client

  • Tips for a company that’ss considering working with a company or a constant client

  • How to make the numbers work — negotiating

  • Things to tackle when negotiating

38:23 Summary of the steps to take for a better negotiation

Contractor Momentum
Contractor Momentum
HPS024: Firsthand Experiences Finding And Working With Commercial Clients


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