Struggling to Get Reviews From An Older Customer Base? Send Them Here

by Corey Philip
December 16, 2017

Getting customers to leave reviews is a challenge. A review requires a conscious effort, some thought, a login and time out of their day. No matter how many times you ask many, many customers will trickle out at some point in the process of leaving a review — unless of course they are disgruntled.

Adding to the challenge is the demographic of my customers. 80% of our customer base is over 55. The high age demographic isn’t as fluid on their tech as the younger generations. Anything remotely close to a login, scares them off. Time and time again I would ask my customers to leave a review, and they would say:

“I was going to but I can’t figure out how to login”


I don’t want to make a login.”


“ I don’t do that Facebook stuff but I’ll tell my neighbors”

The 3 major review sites Google, Facebook, and Yelp all require an account and a login. That wasn’t working for the older people and the review funnel had a less than 2% success rate. It was abysmal. But I wanted more reviews.

One option was a private label review portal where the customers leave feedback which you can display as you wish. That has worked for my company, however that doesn’t get you reviews on 3rd party site which build trust.

A major 3rd party website that is highly trusted and doesn’t require a login to leave reviews: The Better Business Bureau (BBB). Although they don’t require a login, they still require a fair bit of information, more than all the other review sites, such as address and and phone number. It must be something about the word ‘password’ that scares customers off, because our customers fill out their info and submit a review quickly. On the first round of 100 customers that we asked to leave a review on the BBB, 6 did. 6% the highest success rate we’ve ever had.

Besides the lack of account requirement, the BBB regarded by this demographic. It is the Yelp of their generation, which probably contributes to the higher response rate. Likewise, reviews on BBB are regarder higher by this demographic than reviews on Yelp

If you’re struggling to get reviews, and have an older customer base, try the BBB.

About the author

Corey Philip

Corey Philip is a small business owner / investor with a focus on home service businesses.

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