Themify; We Tested It Out. Here’s What We Think.

by Corey Philip
November 17, 2020

40+ Themify-Built Themes

12 Total Plugins

20++ Plugin Addons

Unlimited Websites

Unlimited Custom Post Types

With the amount of page builders in the market now, Themify is one of the popular few that stands out. Not a lot of page builder WordPress plugins have been around for as long as Themify has, so that says something about their product and service... They must be doing something right!

In this post, I will go over the best feature and every plugin they offer, and test out if it all really lives up to its reputation.

What is Themify?

Themify is both a WordPress theme shop and a developer of powerful page builder plugins. They sell themes that have their page builder plugins built into them, but they also operate a membership club for unlimited access to all of their plugins.

Themify is one of the most renowned theme providers in the WordPress space, both because of how long they’ve been around and the ease of use of their products. And you can tell from how popular it still is and with the intuitive interface as you’ll see further down this article, it has adapted well to the needs of modern websites.

How Does Themify Work?

There are 2 ways to get started with Themify… You can either choose a Themify-built theme or a sign up for a membership for full access to all of their themes and plugins.

Purchase a Theme

There are 42 themes in all with some Themify plugins and addons built into them. The most advertised one is Ultra, which is the theme that Themify developers use in testing new plugins and features. I’ll get more into Ultra later on.

All themes are priced at $59. When you buy one, you will be given the zip file, which you’ll then download and install into WordPress. You might have to activate other essential plugins as well.

Once you successfully set it up, you can now see some templates for important parts of the website, like the header, footer, 404 page, page archives, etc. From there you can start customizing and building your website.

If you also installed the demo of the theme you purchased, you’ll get the front-end layout of the theme and will be able to edit your website exactly the same as the demo layout.

Themify Membership

The Themify membership gives you access to the Members Area where you can get a file of all the plugins and themes they give you access to, depending on your membership. (Jump to Pricing.)

The membership is ideal if you have multiple sites with different existing WordPress themes installed. You can just download the plugins you want since they integrate with any WordPress theme. You also have access to Themify themes if the need arises for new websites in the future.

Themify Framework

For every Themify theme you purchase, Themify Builder is automatically included and several universal features.

Themify Framework is essentially the elements and features that are available to use with any of their themes. This includes:

  • Drag and Drop Builder
  • Styling Panel
  • Auto Theme Updates
  • CSS
  • Custom Styling
  • WPML Compatibility (for translations into different languages)
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • Child Themes
  • Social Icons
  • Multi-Site Support

Best of Themify: What I Like Most

Before we get to the features, there are some things worth highlighting about Themify’s products...

One-off purchase of individual themes

This is how Themify operates like a theme shop because you can purchase just one theme without paying monthly fees. When you buy a theme, you’ll get the zip file which you can then import to WordPress. That means you can also use that same theme for multiple websites, as many as you want!

Themify’s products are individually a powerful tool for creating websites with. The flexibility of being able to choose only certain themes to install is beneficial for people who don’t have the budget for a monthly page builder plugin.

Lightweight Plugin

Themify’s creators made the themes and plugins very lightweight, with minimal to no coding required. When you decide to stop using Themify, it’s easy to remove all the back-end coding that went into designing your website, and only the content will remain.

Front-End AND Back-End Editor

Visual page builders mainly provide front-end editors, but with Themify, you can edit both front-end and back-end. I’d consider this a big advantage to Themify users. Those with experience using their custom code for their websites will find this invaluable.

Back-end editor:

Front-end editor:

It’s easy to switch from back-end to front-end and back. You can add your custom code in the back-end and easily adjust its appearance in the front-end editor.


Too many websites on the Internet compete for people’s attention. This means you have to add dynamic elements that compel visitors to stay longer. You need to keep their eyes trained on your website, and animations make ordinary content more appealing. On the Themify front-end editor, you can add animations to any type of content: text or images.

Pre-Built Layouts

Themify is pretty robust when it comes to layouts. If you want to build a new page entirely, you can import ready-made layouts for different niche websites and page types.


  • Photography
  • Entertainment
  • Travel
  • Marketer
  • Restaurant
  • Church
  • Dance Studio

...and others that are too many to mention.

Page Types:

  • About page
  • Services page
  • Contact page
  • App page
  • Single product
  • Portfolio
  • Event

...and others that I may have forgotten, but you get the picture! Themify has a wide variety of layouts.

What Can You Do With Themify: Plugins

You know that Themify has themes and plugins, but you don’t know what it can actually do yet. Here’s what you came here for: the key Themify plugins. I also included the important addons to keep a good website running. Keep reading to see if these make Themify worth a try...

Builder Pro

Themify Builder Pro is the main component of every Themify product. It’s built into every Themify theme. And if you’re not buying any of their themes, it’s the first plugin you download to enable almost every other plugins they offer.

If you want to get familiar with Themify Builder fast, here’s a breakdown of what you need to remember:

1. Content modules

You’ve probably seen this in the images above. Content modules are every type of content that you can add to your website. You’ll find this on the right-hand side of the Builder.

This includes: widgets, WooCommerce products (if you also use the WooCommerce plugin with Themify), related posts, author info (for blog posts), search form, menu, etc.

On the other tabs, you can also access pre-built blocks and saved blocks, so you don’t have to design some parts of the page from scratch. Saved blocks are blocks that you created yourself that you saved as a template. Editing a saved block will change its appearance in every page that you used it in.

2. Blocks

You can start off with putting rows and columns to separate different segments of the page. Right click on a particular row or column or module on the front-end layout to edit them. Rows and columns are used so that you can manipulate the positioning of the content modules and adjust spacing between them, if there are several.

Builder Pro Addons:

  • WooCommerce - Add WooCommerce products to your page using Themify Builder.
  • Themify Tiles - Create tiles like the classic tiles in Windows 8.
  • Mosaic - Turn your media content into a beautiful mosaic by creating tile templates.
  • Pricing Table - Display a responsive pricing table.
  • Countdown - Implement scarcity marketing techniques by putting a countdown on promos, discounts, limited edition products, and events.
  • Contact Form - Add a contact form to optimize your website for conversion.Button Pro - Add buttons designed to get clicks.
  • Progress Bar - Display a responsive progress bar that shows percentage progress.
  • Timeline - Make your content easier to follow with a timeline layout.
  • Counter - Display eye-catching number counters.
  • Bar Chart - Display mundane data using bar graphs.
  • Slider Pro - Add a slider with automatic animations and transitions.
  • Maps Pro - 40+ map styles to put markers and icons in.
  • Image Pro - Edit photos right from the Builder.
  • Slideshow - Make your content rows into a slideshow with arrows.
  • A/B Image - Put 2 images side by side for comparison content.
  • Masked Image - Cut out images into custom shapes and wrap text around it.
  • Background Video Slider - Play different videos in the background with an automatic slider.
  • Infinite Background - Set the background for infinite scrolling.
  • Audio - Add a playlist to your pages.
  • Infinite Posts - Allow infinite scrolling of posts in different types of display.
  • Typewriter - Add animation to your text.
  • Content Restriction - Restrict viewing access to certain rows based on roles.

Post Type Builder

Post Type Builder is the plugin for creating post types, custom taxonomies, meta information, and post type templates. Post types are recurring posts on your website that usually will have the same content.

When you create a new post type, you can assign custom taxonomies and add additional meta info.

Then you can layout the post type template, which will determine how those taxonomies and meta info will be displayed on the front end. Or simply put, the template will dictate how the post will look like when published.

Post types show up on the WordPress dashboard’s left hand panel, like Pages and Posts does. When you hover over it, you can select ‘Add New’. Simply fill up the content – taxonomies and meta info. It will show on the front-end just how you set the layout in the template…

Post types can be useful for:

  • Directories
  • Portfolio
  • User-submitted content
  • Yellow pages-like content
  • Index
  • Catalogues

10 Free Plugins

Post Type Builder is the plugin for creating post types, custom taxonomies, meta information, and post type templates. Post types are recurring posts on your website that usually will have the same content.

Themify Shortcodes

Themify Icons


Conditional Menus

Store Locator

Audio Dock

WooCommerce Product Filter

Shopify Buy Button

Event Post

Portfolio Post

Other Features You Should Know About…


Ultra is the foundational theme of Themify. This is what developers use to test new features before they’re added to the Themify plugin. It means all the new Themify updates will be instantly optimized and work best with the Ultra theme.

If you’re going to buy just one theme from Themify, make it Ultra. If you opted for a membership but is still new to Themify, Ultra is the way to get acquainted fast.


Themify offers 3 types of payment options…

And every package comes with these perks...

Recommended or Not?

Themify doesn’t fall behind on features in both design and marketing aspects. The content modules seem sufficient in providing the essential elements to build an attention-grabbing and conversion-optimized website.

To be honest, there are better options than Themify if your purpose is solely for design or marketing. In terms of features and pricing, I think you can get a better deal with other page builders.

However, I think it’s also important to note that Themify is superior in simplifying the workflow. The Post Type Builder is highly efficient in that it’s almost like automating new posts. I would appreciate not having to format a post every time. You can just create a post type and a template, create a new single post from the dashboard, and have it do the work for me.

Themify can be best used to make mundane tasks of having a website run smoother and faster.

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