Winning The Story: Why Content Beats Presentation

by Corey Philip
November 12, 2017

No refined words for this post, I’ve just got something on my mind.   Prospects are going to learn about your services either by going out and finding it through research, or through presentation.  Aka you’re going to tell them.

The problem is most take a skeptical view of any information that is presented.  Think about this, only 3% of people consider sales people to be trustworthy.  And who’s usually doing the presentation?

On the other hand, content is found through research.  No one told the prospect the information.  They found it. They learned it.  They’re the hero.  They know.

Consider this, your competitor tells a customer “there’s no need to 16 screws at a each connection”.  You say “yes 16 screws is required for code an engineering compliance”.  Who right and who’s wrong?  It’s their word against yours.  Now if you put it online, in a public forum, you’re right — whether you actually are or not.

If the customer finds that information on their own, it’s up to the other guy to defend his position.  And regardless of how well he defends it, he’s still just the sales guy.  On the flip side you’re the guide.  Who’s going to win?

About the author

Corey Philip

Corey Philip is a small business owner / investor with a focus on home service businesses.

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